The Postcard Connection: Small Businesses Spread Hope and Support Amid Coronavirus
  by:  |  May 5, 2020

Last updated on May 7th, 2020 at 06:00 pm

How weird is this reality we are living in now? It is as if the earth has grounded us indefinitely.

As of this writing, Business Insider reports that 39 states across America have issued a stay-at-home order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“…that is roughly 290 million people under some form of lockdown,” according to the report.

Among them are small business owners who bear the brunt of an interrupted economy.

In a study conducted by WalletHub, “35% of small business owners (are) saying their business cannot survive more than three months in current conditions.” US states with the most affected businesses include Hawaii, Nevada, and South Dakota in the top 3.

Adapting to Changes

With social distancing measures in place, non-essential businesses are forced to close temporarily or move parts of their operations online.

Meanwhile, those in the essential industries remain open to provide basic needs and services, but with stringent safety and sanitation precautions to protect their workforce and customers.

Even with the passing of the CARES Act, small businesses still find themselves with inadequate cushion to weather the economic impact of the pandemic. So, they come up with creative ways to adapt to the current situation: to stay afloat, to inspire hope, and to extend kindness to those who need it.

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Small businesses come up with creative ways to adapt to the current situation: to stay afloat, to inspire hope, and to extend kindness to those who need it. Click To Tweet

The Postcard Connection

One of our ongoing efforts is to engage with the UPrinting community, many of which are small businesses, especially during these times. A simple outreach project proved to be an eye-opening experience that led us to the amazing stories of kindness, creativity, and resilience of our customers. All with the help of postcards.

Cards for Kindness

Cards for Kindness is a global initiative by to get handmade cards to people who are in need of an emotional boost, a smile, or a helping hand.

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How it works is you simply send your blank handmade cards to and they will organize and distribute the postcards to retirement homes, hospitals, cancer foundations, and other organizations.

The cards are then used by nurses, doctors, parents, counselors, volunteers, and staff members who add handwritten messages of love and encouragement to patients. Since it was launched, hundreds of handmade cards have lifted spirits and spread happiness to people in need.

In this time of isolation and uncertainty, receiving a card with a message of light and hope can make all the difference.

hand holding postcard 2

Bluey’s Kitchen

Bluey’s Kitchen, like many other small businesses, adapts to the sudden transition brought by the stay-at-home order, by finding new ways to keep serving their customers while providing security for their employees.

“Trying times call for trying new things,” said Chance Vineyard, Bluey’s Community Manager.

Their postcards became one of the ways they promote their business and connect with local patrons in the community. As a thank you, they throw in a free roll of toilet paper with every purchase over $20. Being an essential in many homes, a roll of toilet paper is already a huge help to their loyal customers in these times.

bluey's kitchen postcard free toilet paperbluey's kitchen postcard menu

The Erin Hanson Gallery

Erin Hanson’s mission is to uplift and inspire, something we could all use right now. Undeterred by the current challenges, her team at the Erin Hanson Gallery continues to work tirelessly to push art out into the world, one postcard at a time.

erin hanson postcard art

Their beautiful postcards serve as a reminder that “art matters now more than ever.”

For many of us who turn to artistic pursuits during this ordeal, receiving their postcards in the mail could just be the right link to reconnect with our creativity. Erin’s nature-inspired art also provides us with something to look forward to when this is all over. Talk about a renewed sense of appreciation for simply going out into nature and enjoying the outdoors.

art hanson gallery postcard

In an unprecedented twist of events, we witnessed our normal, sometimes mundane routines canceled until further notice. We were sent to our homes with one simple instruction – to stay there.

Thankfully, that does not stop us from connecting with each other, either to gather hope and support or be the ones who give it.


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