Some Thoughts on Personal Branding
  by:  |  Jan 8, 2008

Small Business Branding has an article looking at the similarities between the way that an individual can brand themselves as an individual and the manner in which a corporation brands itself. In the view of the author, an individual seeking to establish his or her own personal brand needs to examine the exact same indicators and factors one needs to consider in branding a corporation.

In many small businesses, the personal image of the owner of the company is the image of the company. This being the case, it makes sense that the owner of the company should be considering the fact that his or her own image is shaping the company’s brand when considering how he or she is going to dress or conduct themselves. With that in mind, here are some factors you may want to consider in creating your own personal brand:

Be an Individual. You are a unique individual with a unique set of skills and personality. Emphasize those things that make you different from other real estate agents so that you stand out from the crowd of agents who are doing the same things as everyone else. Along the same lines, try not to use the same phrasing and same style of advertising as everyone else. The goal is to stand out, not blend in.

Branding takes Time and Effort. You cannot develop your own personal brand and image overnight, you need to willing to invest the time and effort to make it happen. Not only that, you need to constantly be improving your brand and your advertising plan. Take the time to monitor the results of your advertising. Keep working on new ways to improve your advertising and branded image. Very few people luck into success and its usually those who work the hardest who are the most successful.

Your Brand is You, not Someone Else. Though you do want to create a brand that is unique and different, you do not want to attempt to create a brand that is not in line with your personality or your company’s goals. You need to create a character/brand that is both effective and possible for you to execute.

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