Featured Business Review: Slip Doctors – Safety First : Anti-Slip Treatments from The Slip Doctors
  by:  |  Aug 2, 2010

slip-doctor-logoInjuries from slip-and-fall accidents are more common than most people realize. Every year doctors see about 540,000 people who need to be treated for injuries caused by a bad fall. A number of these accidents result in the victim being disabled.  Aside from those, a percentage of these falls can also be fatal and when that happens, even taking someone to the emergency room can’t help. Now instead of taking someone to the hospital when they slip, a company in Texas asks, “Wouldn’t you rather take the steps to reduce slip-and-fall injuries in your home or business BEFORE one occurs?” SlipDoctors, a division of Carrollton-based safety tile producer Soft Tec Products, offers this solution : the SlipDoctors Anti-Slip Tile Coating Treatment. This solution was formulated to create additional friction on virtually any surface, effectively reducing slip-and-fall accidents by 90%! It was the company’s concern about floor safety that led the SlipDoctors to develop their line of safety products to prevent potentially devastating slip-and-fall injuries. Before treating the surfaces, however, SlipDoctors analyzes and measures the floors. After all, they say, “No doctor prescribes treatment before running the appropriate tests to accurately diagnose the problem. SlipDoctors™ is no different.” This step in the procedure is  necessary because each of the three products they offer (which come in various sizes) works on certain kinds of surfaces. For instance, the SlipDoctors™ Stone-Grip which improves traction on wet surfaces doesn’t work on synthetic tiles. The Degreaser, on the other hand, is an all-surfaces cleaner that is frequently used in restaurants, especially in kitchens. Finally, the porcelain bathtub or tile shower treatment is best used to eliminate slipping on bathroom surfaces. Apart from manufacturing and selling their floor safety products, SlipDoctors also offers service packages to ensure that clients are well-protected from slippery floors. The silver, gold and platinum packages include the following :

  • Pre-treatment Coefficient of Friction (COF) tests and analyses,
  • An explanation of the COF results report
  • Treatment of substandard areas
  • Post-treatment COF tests and analyses plus written reports
  • Retesting, cleaning & degreasing, and treatment of any substandard areas. (Frequency depends on the package purchased.)
  • 24-hour response time to test area following a fall
  • 24 Hour Access to Secure Online Report Archive
  • New floor installation coverage plan (Platinum packages only.)

These elaborate service bundles clearly show the company’s true concern for people’s safety. SlipDoctors’ CFO Greg Cohen says “With every one less slip-and-fall injury brought to the hospital, we are reminded of how important our services are to people.slip-doctor-bottle Making people aware of SlipDoctors’ and SoftTec’s products is essential, which is why the company has contacted UPrinting for the postcards and flyers that they give to customers. Mr. Cohen says, “We love UPrinting’s quality, along with their promotions. Marketing is extremely important for our customers to understand our services so we must have quality printing while still remaining within our budget.” With more people becoming aware of SlipDoctors’ products and services, it is likely that the near future will see safer floors and decrease in slip-and-fall injuries.