Featured Business Reviews: SiteCrafting – Coffee-Powered Web Design and Development Solutions
  by:  |  Jul 27, 2010

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Site Crafting LogoConverting caffeine to code for over ten years”, –that’s how SiteCrafting describes what they do if you go to their website. Although that’s an oversimplification of the company’s abilities, the rather whimsical line does succinctly capture their working philosophy and atmosphere.

Make no mistake, this “entire team of web superheroes” based in Tacoma, Washington takes their work very seriously. SiteCrafting uses their superheroics to offer customized web solutions to a very diverse clientele from different industries. Among these are the travel trailer manufacturer, Airstream; Narrows League, a Washington-based organizer for amateur sports competitions; Pediatrics Northwest, a leader in pediatric care in the Puget Sound area; and the Tacoma-Pierce County Heath Department,a local government agency, to name just a few.

SiteCrafting’s experts have created web design, eCommerce, schedule management, newsletters, mobile and web hosting solutions that have met their client’s needs. If that portfolio isn’t extensive enough, the company can also bust out an arsenal that clearly defines SiteCrafting away from run-of-the-mill design shops who think they can do web. This “arsenal” features special applications like a real-time container tracking made for a logistics company, a web-based drawing tool, and an interactive kiosk.

With all these under their belt, it’s unmistakable that SiteCrafting has great esteem and enthusiasm for their work – a quality that has been recognized by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) and Bloomberg Business Week last May 2010.

Perhaps the team’s motivation is the real secret to their success. According to Mandi Webster-Martin, the company’s customer service assistant, “a Computer Science degree is not always a requirement for joining the team. A positive attitude and a willingness to learn can go a long way.” She’s not wrong either, with members coming from various fields like Geology, Ancient Greek and Music, the one thing they may all have in common is their zeal for their work.

Nevertheless, while SiteCrafting clearly knows when it’s time to get down to business, company president Brian Forth and his staff know not to take themselves seriously. Working in an office that doesn’t have walls or cubicles so for easier collaboration, there’s always a chance for an occasional Nerf rocket to go whizzing by. Every so often one is likely to encounter a Foosball tournament (they got a table as a company Christmas present), and more infrequently, computer mice in jello (an April Fools’ Day“present”).

The web superheroes from SiteCrafting taking a much needed break.

SiteCrafting is a company that works hard, plays hard, and gives back –hard. Having operated in Tacoma since 2002, these web superheroes feel a deep connection to the community which they foster through community education initiatives, and volunteer and grant programs.

SiteCrafting’s awards “Gear Grants” to four non-profit organizations per calendar year. The company volunteers their design and development time to make a full website which includes a CMS, site maintenance and user- training, and other features.

In addition to team volunteer initiatives, SiteCrafting also encourages team members to be involved in the community as well as explore extracurricular activities. To help employees advance these ventures, the company allows some flexibility in their regular 8-5 schedule. Just this year, Web Production Manager Kevin Freitas and his girlfriend volunteered for Habitat for Humanity at another city they felt a strong connection with – New Orleans.

Another way SiteCrafting makes connections is through marketing materials which they hand out to clients. For the past two years the company has been ordering their invoice envelopes, 4 color digital cards, and event invitations through UPrinting.

Mr. Forth says, “With UPrinting, marketing initiatives can be promoted and turned out quickly. The price point helps ensure we stay within budget.

As a company dedicated to developing creative web-based solutions, and to giving back to the community by performing charitable deeds, to playing hard and letting it all out on a Foosball game, or to taking creativity to the next level exemplified in an April Fool’s joke – it is no wonder that the folks at SiteCrafting need their caffeine fix. It’s the stuff SiteCrafting superheroes are made of.