Simple Business Cards: Design Your Own!
  by:  |  Jan 21, 2010

Simple business cards do a better job at capturing attention. Design elements can be pretty but distracting; a simple format draws you right to what’s essential. And since they’re simple, you don’t have to be a professional designer to make these business cards yourself. Design your own business cards at with these tools:

Simple Customized Business Cards DIY Guide

Design them onsite at UPrinting’s online design tool. It’s fun and easy to use, and comes with:

  • free business card design templates categorized by industry,
  • live design and chat support from professional designers if you need assistance, and
  • bite-sized video tutorials on how to use the design tool, from previews of the whole process to quick tips on how to edit your design.

Try it out yourself!

Prepare your business card design right with file setup templates if you prefer to design with your own image editing software. You can download these setup templates for free at our Business Cards product page. We have templates for a variety of design software that indicate safe zones, dielines and bleeds so you can make sure we print your business card designs exactly the way you want us to.

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and more!

Here are more simple business card design examples that you can print with UPrinting:

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