Featured Business Review: Scrubbish – “Green“ and Environmentally-Sound Wheelie Bin Cleaning Services
  by:  |  Jul 8, 2010

ScrubbishWheelie bins are a great way to keep trash hidden away and the rest of the house uncluttered, however they’re also home to an endless array of microscopic germs and bacteria which may cause people health problems. Wheelie bins can be the source of any number of illnesses like salmonella, botulism, H1N1, hepatitis, parasitic worms, and other unseen viruses that may infect one’s family.

It is because of these threats that Scrubbish owner, Warren Bishop, thought it would be fitting to introduce the wheelie bin cleaning and sanitizing concept to California and the rest of the country.

Aware that most people nowadays are unable to find the time or the strength to clean their wheelie bins regularly, Warren began offering an affordable and environmentally-sound wheelie bin sanitizing service called Scrubbish Wheelie Bin Cleaning + Sanitizing that takes off from a similar model he observed in Australia. It is the first of its kind in the United States.

Always conscientious about being a “green business”, Scrubbish efficiently utilizes water through a specially-designed cleaning system that eliminates wastage and makes sure that the dirty water is collected and disposed of accordingly, keeping it away from the water system.Scrubbish

Scrubbish also only uses biodegradable cleaning products that are safe for the environment like the revolutionary SpectraSan 24, an all-natural fungicide and virucide that kills germs 20 times faster than traditional disinfectants.

Perhaps coinciding with the Scrubbish’ mission to remain environmentally-friendly, Warren Bishop has also had brochures, business cards, flyers and stickers produced by UPrinting, a company that uses materials that are recycled or certified for sustainability. Mr. Bishop asserts “ I am always looking for consistency in my brand image. UPrinting gives me that by providing a quality product that I can rely on time after time.”

Warren Bishop’s gift for innovation and his unflinching devotion to upholding sound environmental principles has proved instrumental to Scrubbish’ success as the company has already received the Small Business of the Year Award for the Most Innovative New Product or Service for 2010 from the San Diego Chamber of Commerce.

More important, however, is the fact that California can now have wheelie bins that are cleaner and free from bacteria and viruses.