Featured Business Review: Red Chair Press – Using Laughter as a Tool for Learning
  by:  |  Aug 6, 2010

Red Chair Press LogoNature has many examples of parents teaching their young to survive. For instance there’s the mama bird’s school for aviation, or the daddy fox’s sneaking-up-on-prey training for his little cubs. Human parents, too, teach their children ways to get along in the world. One very important lesson a child must absorb is how to read. After all, children who can read have their minds opened up to even more useful information that they can use in life. Just like how an adult fox has to warn his pups that cats are too dangerous to bother with (because they’re feisty and make too much noise), human parents have to guide their little ones in choosing good reading materials. Moms and dads should have a hand in finding books that will help their children grow up to be better people. Luckily, they’re not all alone in this task. Red Chair Press, a children’s book publisher from Concord Massachusetts. has made a commitment to help parents and teachers by creating books that that inspire children to be the best that they can be. Jeffrey Dinardo and Keith Garton, veterans of the children’s publishing industry, opened up Red Chair Press believing that all children have the innate capacity to become leaders and contribute to their communities. The company believes exposing children to good habits at an early age will help them develop into positive members of society. According to Red Chair Press, “all children learn best from a well-told story” and that is exactly how they plan to reach their young audience. Jeffrey, Keith, and company make stories that focus on social-emotional issues for children at ages 4 to 8 which speak on developing character. Lessons on being kind, getting along with others, and being respectful, are told in a gently humorous way that enlightens and tickles the funny bone. Aptly enough, the series is called Funny Bone Readers. Humor is very important in Red Chair Press’ stories. The company’s creative director, Jeffrey is a big fan of funny stories that draw him in, or ones that show him a world he’s never been to before (like in his favorite, Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are). In that regard, children are no different. Not only will families enjoy chuckling at Space Cat’s story, or the hijinx Turbo Turtle gets into (Turbo Turtle to the Rescue), they’re also sure to ooh and ahh over the colorful and hip art featured in all the books – and they’re learning while doing these! It’s not just families and classes who find enjoyment in Red Chair Press’ books, even the writers and artists enjoy their job. According to Mr. Dinardo, the writers love “to see artists take the story and add their own twists to make it their own”. This passion for their work shows how Red Chair Press takes creating Funny Bone Readers very seriously. It is fortunate, then, that parents have Red Chair Press’ support in imparting values to their children. Even better still is that parents will have no trouble finding information on Red Chair Press. The company’s had business cards, postcards, banners and brochures produced by UPrinting since the publishing office first opened. Jeffrey Dinardo raves “UPrinting’s service has always been first rate and the printing is affordable and outstanding in quality!” These marketing materials have certainly helped Red Chair Press get people’s attention. This perfectly coincides with the company’s hope for more parents and children to take a seat together, pull out a Funny Bone Readers title, and start laughing while learning how to be better citizens of their community- as a family.

Arthur Piccio is a feature writer and subject matter expert for theUPrinting Blog.