Real Estate Flyer Design Tips
  by:  |  Jan 27, 2010

Last updated on March 25th, 2020 at 04:36 pm

The cost of printing real estate flyers pales to their high conversion value; it will do your business good to pay particular attention to their quality. But that doesn’t justify blowing your budget for them. Get the best possible price for your flyers by taking an active role in their design and printing, and ensuring that the essential elements that will sell your property are in place in your flyer design.

Real Estate Flyer Design Advice

Use the best series of photos to build an on-location guide. Select attractive, professional-quality photographs of the estate. Arrange them in a series of images that guide potential buyers around the property. Effective visualization can help influence potential buyers’ opinion of the estate well before they actually arrive at the location.

Include persuasive property headlines, descriptions, and call to action. Compelling headlines and image descriptions help people attach positive sentiments to the property. The flyer copy must speak to the reader in terms of customer benefits, highlighting the property’s selling points in a welcoming but concise manner. Persuade the reader to make a positive action towards closing the deal with a strong call to action, whether it’s to call a contact person or visit the property on a scheduled tour.

Match your theme with the property’s atmosphere, and adhere to good design. Your real estate flyer sets potential buyers’ expectations; a consistency of theme between the flyers’ and the property’s “feel” helps ensure that those expectations are met. Remember the basics of good design when planning the layout of your real estate flyers. For instance, 30% of the flyers must be allowed for space, and no more than two fonts must be used.

Proof several times for errors, then print professionally and affordably. Don’t let your flyer printing go to waste because of a simple error. Have fresh eyes go over your final proof too; they may catch errors you’ve glossed over. Once you’re sure with your real estate flyer design, send it to a reputable online printer that is known for high-quality printing, great prices, and real customer service so you make the most of your flyer printing budget.

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