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Re3 Home Decor was born out of the creativity of Janna Berg, the company’s owner and designer. Janna—having formed a connection with reclaimed wood, metal, and rust—woke up one day and decided to combine these things and turn them into objects anyone would be proud to display in their home.

The Story Behind Re3 Home Decor

Janna was more than happy to share how she started her business. I’ll let her tell her story.

“In the summer of 2014, I was shopping and found this great old barn gate that I purchased to hang on my wall in my living room. I loved the look of mixing the old with the new and wanted to find other ways to decorate within my home.”

This spark was all it took for Janna to come up with ideas on customizing her amazing finds.

“I had a bin of old tools and clamps from my grandfather and realized that I could create words using these items that I could then hang on a wall as a sign. I loved creating these items, and friends and family were really interested and excited about the designs I was doing.”

However, Janna’s creations tend to be on the larger side. It wasn’t very convenient for people who were interested in buying signs from her.

“I realized that it was going to be harder for people to find places for larger signs. So I began creating smaller items that would be much easier to just add to your existing décor… and it just kept growing and expanding [from there].”

They make great gifts for loved ones.

How Does Re3 Work?

What Janna does is custom work though there are products readily available in their Etsy shop and website.

As much as Janna loves old and weathered wood and rust, she does have other interests and obligations. So she can’t commit all her time to Re3.

“Re3 is a passion of mine, but I also lead a very active life with another job outside the home 4 days a week and a busy set of twins! So my typical days are not always filled with Re3 – but I have found a way to balance it all.”

So what’s her secret? It’s actually time management. Janna figured that there are one to two evenings each week where she can spend time in her workshop. Fridays are typically spent on production. That includes prepping, packing, and delivery.

When she can, she sneaks in her workshop and does what she can. Even if she does only a few things at a time, she eventually finishes her projects. As Janna puts it, “I find that it doesn’t get overwhelming if I do a little bit whenever I can.”

Express yourself through Janna’s artworks.

What Makes Re3 Special?

Janna’s business literally turns your trash into something you and your family can cherish for years to come.

“I am able to take something that so many people have in their junk drawers and turn it into something that is beautiful. I also love that my work allows people a way to connect to their past whether it be memories of a loved one with a phrase, or a special tool they remember seeing their grandfather use when they were young.”

I also love that my work allows people a way to connect to their past. Click To Tweet

And because Janna can create artwork that speaks to her customers, each piece becomes special and unique. Because nostalgia comes into play, Janna is able to better connect with her clients.

There’s a product for every occasion.

Overcoming Challenges

Janna had to jump through some hurdles to get where she is today. As previously mentioned, she does not do Re3 on a full-time basis.

“I have to be very strategic about what I spend my time on, and it has to give me the most bang for my buck.”

And like other creative people, Janna struggles with having too many ideas.

“When I started this business I had so many things that I wanted to try and do. And then [I] found what worked best and what people seemed to be the most drawn to.”

Janna also had to clear up some misconceptions people had about her work.

“[One misconception is] that you can only use repurposed decorations in your home if everything… is the same style of décor and I strongly disagree with this. There are so many ways to put a repurposed decoration next to a new frame and they can all work well together.”

As an artist, Janna tries to find ways to incorporate the old with the new. And whenever she’s faced with challenges, she chooses to blow past them.

“I think that the best way to overcome your challenges is to continue to refine what you do and have good people around you who you can bounce ideas off of.”

Continue to refine what you do and have good people around you who you can bounce ideas off of. Click To Tweet

Janna with her latest creations.

Promote Yourself

A lot of entrepreneurs find it challenging to promote themselves. The same can be said about Janna.

“Many creative people (including myself) love the art of creating, but the selling, promoting and business aspects of owning your own business can be overwhelming.”

But having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference in the world.

“I think that when you have professional-looking displays, tags, business cards, etc… it is much easier to promote yourself as a business versus just someone who sells as a hobby. Everything you present leaves an impression and it’s always best [for] that impression be good!”

Re3 hang tags by UPrinting

UPrinting was able to provide Janna with cute little hang tags for her art pieces and she couldn’t be happier with the results.

“The experience was great. I created my hang tags using a template and was able to easily decide what I wanted and how it would work best. Very simple online tools!”

Print your own hang tags at UPrinting.

The experience was great... Very simple online tools! Click To Tweet

Janna uses her hang tags as price tags for the items she sells. “They are so easy to use and look great!”

To learn more about Re3 Home Decor, you can check out Janna’s website or follow her on social media:

Facebook – @re3home
Instagram – re3homedecor

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