Quantum of Solace – Social Marketing Case Study
  by:  |  Nov 11, 2008

I am a big fan of the James Bond movies, so I took a look at their website recently to check the release date of their upcoming movie “Quantum of Solace” and quickly noticed many interesting marketing features. Since social marketing is becoming so popular it was great to see a major movie making use of all the tactics marketing blogs have been talking about for months and months.

Quantum of Solace Social Marketing Case Study

  • IM Icons – Instant messenger icons
  • Wallpapers – MAC and PC desktop wallpapers
  • Mobile – Teaser poster for your mobile phone
  • Fan Kit – Includes some web banners for use on websites and blogs
  • Widget – A widget with video, images, and links for use on social networking profiles and blogs
  • Myspace – Custom Myspace page with 40k + friends, videos, images, users comments and more
  • Facebook Page – A Facebook pages with 100k+ friends, videos, images, users comments and user reviews
  • YouTube – With so many videos you gotta have a YouTube page and of course they do with plenty of content and a decent amount of subscribers
  • Online Game – They even have a small online strategy game which you can sign up for to play online
  • Blog – This is the age of blogging so I was pleased to see Quantum of Solace had a Nice Little Blog, with mostly video content for posts
  • Twitter – I was surprised I did not find twitter profile for the movie! Come on guys!

The IM icons, wallpapers and mobile downloads are pretty standard practice for promoting a movie. They allow fans to show their love and at the same time help promote the movie. This can have a great viral effect and remind many people of the upcoming movie.

The fan kit and widgets are a more recent marketing tool, especially the widget which allows bloggers to easily add content to the sidebar of their website by copying and pasting a code. The Quantum of Solace widget is pretty nice and is almost like a mini website/media player that allows you to watch videos, browse images and find other resources all in the tiny widget’s frame.

As a blogger I have never really been a fan of widgets because my goal is to keep people on my site and not drive them away, so I’m not sure how effective widgets are for the movie industry. I do not see widgets on many sites and I spend a lot of time on the internet, so I could see them being more useful on social networking profiles.

The Myspace Page is pretty standard, it has a nice layout and includes all the common myspace features such as videos, images, comments and more. The thing I took note of though was the number of friends which was 40k. So I compared this number of friends to their Facebook Page and then also took into consideration the benefits of having these friends on each social networking site.

On Myspace last time I checked you can only send a bulletin to your friends and from my experience bulletins are not very effective, especially when a Myspace user has many friends, because your bulletina tend to get lost in the shear amount of other bulletins on the persons profile.

In addition, when some one adds you as a friend on Myspace no one but you and the user know about it, but on Facebook when you become a fan of a page such as this movie’s page your profile will display a message stating you became a fan of “Title of Page” and all your friends will see this if you have this option enabled in your privacy settings. This can have a great viral effect and its probably why their Facebook page has over 90k friends as opposed to only 40k on Myspace.

Another great aspect of Facebook which we mentioned in a previous article: 5 Ways to Promote Your Business on Facebook , is the fact that you can send updates to fans of your Facebook page, which in my experience has better results than sending a bulletin on Myspace. Their Facebook page also has all the same features as the Myspace profile such as videos, comments and so on, but since Facebook Has Applications there are many more possibilities..

One thing i noticed was user reviews on the Quantum of Solace Facebook page, now this is a great idea, but not so great if your movie doesn’t do well and many of the reviews I saw on their Facebook page’s front page were not so hot. I think this is a great feature for a movie to have, but just remember while user generated content can be great, it can also be dangerous!

Another major element of any movie promotion would be trailers and what better place to showcase your trailers than YouTube where you have access to millions of viewers. Quantum of Solace was quick to creates its own YouTube page which features a variety of videos related to the movie. Users seem to be so used to going to YouTube for videos, I would bet nowadays mos trailers are watched on YouTube and similar sites than on the main website! I even find myself seeking trailers on YouTube, where before I would go to the movies home page.

Its very exciting to see social marketing becoming more mainstream and I look forward to examining what websites, features and tactics other brands will use. If you know of any other recent movies using similar social marketing tactics please feel free to link to it in the comments.

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