Promotional Table Tent Design Ideas and Inspiration
  by:  |  Aug 5, 2011

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Table tents are yet another marketing tool perfect for any indoor setting. These are great as point-of-sale materials and are helpful in bringing your marketing ideas closer to your audience. Such cards are even popular for non-marketing purposes and are often visible in events, ranging from fundraisers to weddings.

These cards are fit to be placed on restaurant tables, bank and real estate lobbies, reception areas and offices. Place them where people are more likely to see and read them. Table tents (or tent cards) are effective as long as they are well designed and printed. To be able to achieve this, you can consider getting a designer. Or, just read through the design ideas below.

Things to Consider in Designing Table Tents


Watch your Type

You must keep in mind your location. Where are you planning to place them? Unlike posters and banners, table tents are likely to be placed where your audience can easily grab it and read it within close proximity.

With that said, you must use the right font size–large enough to be read and small enough to fit inside the design. Always consider putting enough space in between lines of texts, in between letters and along the margins of the card itself. This makes it easier for people to read your copy.

Also, use a font that is easy to read yet suitable for the feel you are trying to achieve.

Choose Colors Wisely

You will most likely not need to compete with other ads on your chosen location, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to choose your colors well.

Color instantly gets a response upon sight, albeit subconsciously. Make sure to use a hue that people can easily relate to your brand without being too ‘noisy’. People usually do not take the time to read something that doesn’t look pleasant or over crowded.

Photos, Photos, Photos

Personally, I prefer photos that were taken especially just for you. Even if stock photos are great, original shots can do wonders for your ads since people are likely to see them nowhere else.

Whichever is convenient or possible, make sure that these photos are of high quality.

Choose the Right Printer

A good design is useless if the printing cannot justify it. Make sure to choose the right online printer to the job for you.

Consider the printing quality, card stock and coating. These three factors are helpful in making your table tents as appealing and as durable as possible.

We have also compiled a few table tent samples. Here they are:

Table Tent Designs for Your Inspiration




































I hope you have enjoyed the showcase of table tent designs. If you are looking into printing your very own cards, check UPrinting’s table card printing services to find out the many printing possibilities we have in store for you! You can also subscribe to our RSS to get more marketing and print design ideas straight to your inbox!