Promotional Stickers Inspiration: Stick Your Message in People’s Heads
  by:  |  Feb 27, 2012

Stickers are the friendliest mediums of memes. Remember “Andre the Giant Has a Posse”? Businesses of all types and sizes want to replicate that kind of virality, of course, and thus easy-to-distribute promotional stickers were born.

Promotional sticker campaigns range from the minimalist and informative to the hip and inventive, as well as everything in between – or something new altogether. This collection of 20 promo sticker examples tries to encompass this spectrum of sticker intents, purposes, designs and applications to give you, whatever background you come from, some ideas for making your own successful sticker campaigns.

Promo Sticker Design Ideas: From Cool and Artsy Swag to Important Mediums for a Cause

Disclaimer: Images on this page are not owned by UPrinting and are used solely for educational purposes. Please click on the images to see their original sources.

Leap Year Project

promotional stickers 01 - leap year project

These were designed by freelance designer Jacob Ziech for The Leapyear Project (, which is about taking a risk (AKA leap) and making something in your life, community, or world better.

Sundance Film Festival Promo Piece

promotional stickers 10 - sundance film festival promo piece

I know some indie filmmaker wannabes I’d like to give some of these sticker badges to.

Magic of Love

promotional stickers 06 - magic of love

This is for Macy’s 2008 Valentine’s Day Campaign, “The Magic of Love”. These stylized tattoo hearts highlighted with slot car racing graphics are meant to impart a sense of motion and speed.

Boss Tacos Identity

promotional stickers 02 - boss tacos identity

From the source page:

“Boss Taco’s aesthetic subtly references the street art that would surround any taco stand in a major city. With hand-done characters and typography influenced by urban style, the identity has a personal feel that matches the overall feeling of homemade tacos from a street-side taco stand. This brand has more character than the normal chain fast food place, with mascots who almost dare you to eat them.”

— It’s a shame this is only a fictional taco stand.

Adidas Neo Branding

promotional stickers 03 - adidas neo branding

A rebrand of Adidas Neo from the same designer who made the original in 2010.

Fuse Magazine Relaunch Project

promotional stickers 05 - fuse magazine relaunch project

New packaging for the infamouse FUSE magazine. The round sticker on the front features information about the issue.

Vegetarian Stickers Pack

promotional stickers 09 - vegetarian stickers pack

Troll a friend’s fridge by sticking this on all the meat products. (I’m kidding. Kind of.)

Eig8t Point Fiv5 Clothing

promotional stickers 04 - eig8t point fiv5 clothing

From the page: ” Taking inspiration from the elite fighting military forces, 8.5 clothing branded their screens with twisting crests and insignias for their army of surf & skate customers.” A “conspiracy of love”?

Street Sticker

promotional stickers 13 - street sticker

A bruised, jaded, and anarchy-bent primate, hiding in shadows within our dark steel forests.

The Black Dog

promotional stickers 11 - the black dog

Part of a promo kit for The Black Dog’s music video “Floods V3”.

Promotional Materials

promotinal stickers 14 - promotional materials

“Just because something is considered cost effective or throwaway marketing, it doesn’t mean it has to look cheap.” Right on!

Big Leo Takes Sweet Revenge

promotional stickers 15 - big leo takes sweet revenge

Promotional stunt for Big Leo Productions, a NYC based photo repping agency. Heck, if “revenge” meant “custom made cupcakes (of the apricot-glazed, chocolate ganache variety)”, I can’t wait to be taken revenge on! But then I’m so awesome I don’t have enemies… just envious haters 🙂 /gets shot

DHL ‘Think Back’ internal communications campaign

promotional stickers 16 - dhl think back

An initiative to prevent workplace injury and promote safety education.

DR Stickies!

promotional stickers 17 - dr stickies

Not for the nation, but for a university that has Dominican priests as an integral part of its history and identity.

Baked Goods and Booze

promotional stickers 18 - baked goods and booze

For a weekend-long event where bakeries stay open just as late as bars. The stickers were for the participating businesses to hand out. Too bad I wasn’t there…

Jobot Coffee Shop

promotional stickers 19 - jobot coffee shop

Based on a logo Robert Renteria made for the coffee shop’s owner, John Sagasta. He also says the coffee is awesome and John’s jokes sell.


promotional stickers 20 - curiosity

From the designer, Tina Musich: “The entire poster is made up of stickers that each say the action I am encouraging people to take like learning something new and being curious. These individual stickers can be placed anywhere as reminders to be curious both from the type and the curious cat pattern.”

Grafix Lab

promotional stickers 08 - grafix lab

Based on an in-house brand identity concept for Zero Degrees Clothing Company.


promotional stickers 12 - camperstar

A set of stickers for the launch of the CamperStar Website (, which has a vintage/camping atmosphere.

In Skate We Trust

promotional stickers 07 - in skate we trust

Developed to drive sales in the Young Men’s Action Sports Department at Macy’s.

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