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Printed Advertising that Your Customers Will Want to Keep
  by:  |  Jul 23, 2008

There’s an interesting article in the England’s Guardian newspaper about the appeal of postcards.  According to the article, postcards remain a viable medium for the exchange of information because of their tangible nature, as documents that people would like to keep, as opposed to the inherently disposable nature of e-mails.  In other words, people want something solid enough to keep.
This concept of creating something that people will want to keep can be turned to printed advertising as well.  Instead of just  creating random advertising that will be looked at and then discarded, these printed materials, are advertising that your customers will want to keep and keep using:

1.    Business Cards:    Business cards are designed to be given out and then kept by your customers.   A well designed business card is a great way to get your information out to potential customers in a form that they can easily keep handy for when they need to contact you.

2.   Stickers and Labels:     The strength of sticker and labels as ana advertising device is their permanenc.  Once a sticker or label is affixed to a surface, it cannot be removed.  This is the ultimate in long term advertising.

3.   Calendars:    You’ve all heard the term calendar year,   That’s why calendars are a form of advertising that keeps on giving.  They remain useful for an entire year and that an entire year your potential customers can be looking at your advertising information.