Optimize Your Campaign
  by:  |  Sep 24, 2007

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Make your next mailing work even harder. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide for successful postcard campaigns.

Step 1. Define a Winning Strategy.

Preplanning is essential. Define you campaigns objectives and how you will measure its success. Research your competitor’s products and/or services to

learn about previous campaign’s success and failures. Create a realistic timeline and set a budget for your campaign.

Step 2. Identify your Target Audience.

Who are you trying to reach? Are you looking to gain new customers or stay-in-touch with your existing ones? Once you have identified your audience, the next step is getting a targeted and accurate mailing created list. Make sure that the list is current by using reliable data sources. The quality of your mailing list will determine the success of your Postcard campaign.

Step 3. Create a Relevant Message.

Make sure your message clearly communicates your value proposition to your recipients. Get to the point and communicate with persuasive copy and creative design (read our Postcard Design Rules). Leave marketing hype and exaggerated claims out of your Postcard. Get them excited about your offer by giving them real information they can use to help shape their decision.

Step 4. Choosing the right Printer

Commercial printing can get pretty complex but having the right printer can make this a stress-free process. Here’s a checklist for choosing the right printer, both online and local:

• Pre-Press Support

Make sure your printer supports your file format and will help you properly setup your files if needed. To reduce the risk of print errors, ask your printer to give you an electronic proof before printing your project.

• Digital vs. Offset

Digital Printing gives you the flexibility to print short-runs, get faster turnarounds and personalize through variable data. Offset Printing gives you the most flexibility when it comes to size and provides the lowest prices on larger runs and best print quality.

• Customer Service

Don’t settle for less. Your printer should provide consistent customer service from the moment you upload your file, throughout production and shipment tracking. Make sure your printer has real people working on your project and picks up when you call.

Step 5. Pick your Mailing Method

You can send your prints to a mailing house but it’s best to choose a printing company that offers mailing services in-house. This helps you save time and money by avoiding shipping fees and having your Postcards prepared and mailed immediately after printing. USPS offers three postage options: First-Class, Standard Bulk, and Non-Profit. For more details on Postage, read USPS Postage Demystified.

Step 6. Track the Results

Measure your results against the campaign objectives and compare with industry standards. Focus on two key metrics: conversion rate and ROI. Learn from your prospects by asking them questions when they respond to your Call to Action. This information will help you refine your next campaign.