Postcard Design Rules
  by:  |  Sep 24, 2007

Postcard Design RulesYou have 1.5 seconds to get their attention. Choosing the right image is first step to an effective design.

Rule 1: Choosing the right image.

• Keep it simple. The image should be easy to comprehend. Avoid busy images that lack focus.

• Make it Interesting. The image should be attractive and command attention.

• Trigger Emotion. The most memorable images demand an emotional response.

Rule 2: Creating a good composition.

• Make it balanced. Create imaginary lines that help lead the eyes towards your main design elements.

• Maintain Proportions. Create harmony by paying attention to the size, and scale of design elements in your composition.

• Have an emphasis. Focus the viewer’s attention on the main element of your design or the element that binds the design together.

Rule 3: Choosing the right fonts.

• Keep it clear. Choose fonts that can be easily read. Fonts found within the serif and sans-serif typeface family are usually a safe bet.

• Keep it simple. Don’t use more than three different fonts within your design. Make sure that fonts complement each other and remember that less is more.

Rule 4: Choosing the right colors

• Blue. Patience, trust, and wisdom.

• Green. Calm, soothing, and refreshing.

• Red. Power, strength, and passion.

• Yellow. Warmth, happiness, and optimism.

• Orange. Confidence, creativity, and cheerfulness.

• Black & White. Elegant, sophisticated, and classic.