Pin-up Girl Calendar Illustrations : 20 Va-Va-Voom Examples
  by:  |  Nov 4, 2010

Ah, the pin-up girl – the 20th Century’s contribution to the age-old tradition of capturing the graceful female form and displaying it to be admired. Prehistory had the Venus of Willendorf, the Renaissance had the Birth of Venus, and we have… the pin-up girl.

The pin-up girls’ shapely bodies, gleaming white smiles, and teasing poses have been tacked or pinned up on so many walls since the 1890s -most notably in WWII GI lockers, where the leggy ladies like Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth kept servicemen company through mass-produced photographs.

While they were created for commercial purposes, these days vintage pin-ups are appreciated as works of art, and several pin-up artists (like Olivia de Berardinis and Milo Manara) have their own followings.

How about joining their ranks by making a pin-up girl calendar with a new heartbreaker every month? Here are some examples of wolf whistle-worthy pin-up girl calendar illustrations to inspire your own va-va-voom calendars!

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20 Pin-Up Girl Calendar Art Samples to Wow You!

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Pin-Up Girl Calendar - 1952 Esquire Pin-up

Pin-Up Girl Calendar - December by York Sensation
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - March by Yorksensation
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - 1950 Calendar Suzee Q
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - December - Zawesome
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - November - Zawesome
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - August
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - Apple Grower's Daughter
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - Petty Irish Lass
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - Coke Girl 1941
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - Coke Girl 1939
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - Mexican Coca Cola Calendar
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - Canadian Thanksgiving
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - Coca Cola 1901
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - Pepsi Girl
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - 1944 Vintage
>Pin-Up Girl Calendar - Retro Girl by Goblin Queeen
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - Majo's Calendar by Tonquez
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - Kim Possible
Pin-Up Girl Calendar - 2009 Vintage Calendar by Jeepika
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