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Number 35 Gallery WindowWhile art galleries get the most attention when someone famous has an exhibit, they are also places where upstarts in the art world get recognized. Galleries are places of discovery. It does not always work this way, though. When a gallery director approves an exhibit, they often make choices that strike a balance. They may have to choose to display art that is genuinely good or art that is merely more accessible.

For Cindi Rucker, owner of Number 35 Gallery, the choice is easy. “I love discovering work that is fresh and exciting, so I often find myself working with emerging young artists, many of which are being shown in New York for the very first time!” She enthuses “Building an audience and a collector base for these well-deserving artworks is my gallery’s mission, and then watching these great discoveries receive recognition as the artists and the gallery grow together.”

Number 35 Gallery ExteriorRucker didn’t always have her own gallery. She had worked for several years at the famous Chelsea Gallery District, on Manhattan’s West Side. This little piece of New York City is one of the most important centers for art in the entire world. After some time working in other galleries, Rucker developed her own views. Later on, she felt it was time to open her own gallery to showcase her ideas on the direction of contemporary art- and on how to run an art gallery.

Galleries are businesses, and as such they are expected to turn revenues. The easy way to do this would be to feature work only by artists that have already gathered a following. Rucker sees things a little differently, preferring to run her gallery to more truly reflect her love for uncovering talents.

Ideally, I would like the gallery to be a destination for finding work by new artists, as opposed to just a showcase of already established artists.” Her gallery is also a venue for artists she discovered to develop. As the gallery artists grow and become more established, the gallery will always find room in its exhibition schedule to show work from emerging talents” says Rucker.

Subliminal Sunlight Installation
Installation by: Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Morgan Blair, Maya Hayuk, Mark Warren Jacques, Chris Mendoza

The gallery also manages to impress with the small details, For instance, each show Number 35 Gallery hosts uses invitation cards with different sizes for each exhibition. This not only helps get Number 35 Gallery’s name out there, it helps ensure that the shows are more memorable. Which is better for the fresh talents Rucker accommodates.

Does it still make sense to send these invitations when alternatives like online social network invites are much cheaper? Definitely. UPrinting invitation cards make shows that Number 35 Gallery hosts just a little more special.

Printed exhibit invitations add so much more to the gallery-going experience. Rucker explains“The gallery show card is something that is almost as old as galleries themselves. They can become collector’s items. As we become more and more paperless, I feel that it is still important to have a physical thing that is part of the memory of an exhibition.”

For the past four years, Number 35 Gallery has turned to UPrinting for its invitation cards. Says Rucker “There is a consistent quality that runs through every print job I’ve requested. And for a business that is constantly changing its presentation methods, that’s important.”


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