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Make Magnets That’ll Stick In People’s Minds
  by:  |  Aug 17, 2011

Last updated on April 3rd, 2020 at 05:32 pm

Magnets may not stick to a lot of surfaces. But when they’re used properly, they can stick in a person’s mind.

Promotional magnets are underrated business boosters that serve each and every purpose of other marketing tools…and more. Such magnets usually feature a person/company’s contact details, tagline and logo. Among the different types of promotional magnets, car magnets and business card magnets prove to be the most effective.

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Car Magnets


People usually print out marketing tools to have them distributed. Once the flyers, brochures and posters are given away, the success of your investment will depend on the amount of prints that actually reach and interest potential clients. In other words, you’ll be putting success on fate’s hands. With promotional car magnets however, you’ll be armed with a mobile print ad that your friends, family, crew, or you yourself will be in charge of spreading. You just have to be willing to temporarily stick that promotional magnet on any car you usually drive around (though a BMW might  help attract more attention). Once it’s posted on a visible part of your ride, you’ll be able to promote your business wherever you go even as your car is parked. It can even help you endure heavy traffic because more cars convert to more exposure for your business.



The design of your Car Magnet will play a big role in its effectivity. Like other print marketing tools, it has to be big enough  to be seen even as your car is moving. In relation to this, using readable fonts and recognizable illustrations are necessary.  Lastly, you’ll have to take into consideration the color of your car before you even come up with your design. The last thing you want is a camouflaged magnet.


Business Card Magnets


We all know how business cards work. Business cards are excellent marketing tools because they’re not too expensive and they can easily be stashed by potential clients in their wallets. With the right design, that tiny piece of card stock can certainly help your business. An option you can consider though as you come up with a new business card design is to have them printed out on magnetic stock. Though you’ll no longer be able to use two sides for the print, it should make your business card even more effective due to the possibility of it being displayed on your client’s refrigerator. Refrigerator magnets are rarely ever taken off and they will be stared at each and every time someone grabs something from his fridge.

As always, the design of your business card magnets will be very crucial. Most refrigerator doors are filled with other magnets that may compete with your business card for your client’s attention. You want your business card to look good enough to be displayed. And you want it to stand out. So it might be a good idea to pick colors that wouldn’t look so dull when placed on a black or white surface of your client’s fridge.  You also have to be careful in choosing what particular information to include since you won’t have much space. For the latest business card designs, you can checkout this post from


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