Letterhead Makes All the Difference!
  by:  |  May 26, 2016

Last updated on April 5th, 2018 at 05:05 pm

Customized letterhead and stationery, have long been a fixture in offices for over a century. Even with all the other new technology that has likewise become standard in the contemporary workplace, more custom letterheads are now being ordered than ever before.

It’s hard to imagine any business scaling up without their own letterhead. Even tech and startup companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook have several different letterheads — and these were the companies that were supposed to give us our paperless future!

Letterhead printing continues to persist for several good reasons. Here are a few of them:

5.) A good letterhead reinforces your brand.

There’s a good reason uniform branding is a fact of life in every large enterprise. Unified brand identities give clarity to an organization’s purpose and mission. It makes everything about the organization more professional and recognizable.


When combined with a comprehensive branding effort, letterhead can help glue an organization’s identity together. Creatively-designed letterheads for example, suggests you understand visual design as it reflects in the actual work you produce. Conservatively-designed letterhead suggest stability and a straightforward manner, as well as an eye for detail.

While this alone won’t suffice to carry your brand in the way business cards do, they excel in many other areas. For instance…

4.) They strengthen credibility.

Letterheads strengthen credibility

Letterhead signals a commitment to put your brand, implying that you have nothing to hide. You would not expect any big company to not have one. You probably would not expect any less out of many small businesses. A law firm that doesn’t have letterhead for example, wouldn’t invite much confidence, even if all the partners can do their job well.

One overlooked aspect of letterhead design is the effect paper stock can have on credibility. Thicker, heavier, textured stocks can imply quality and attention to detail but can be more expensive per piece compared with lighter stocks. In these cases, you can try having more than one set, such as one set with heavier stock for direct mail and customer giveaways, and a thinner, economical stock for day-to-day organizational needs.

3.) They’re convenient for sharing contact details.

Each letterhead can act in place of a business card. Sharing them is one good way of making sure both customers and employees have a ready reference to important details about your organization.

As we discussed in the previous item, the choice of stock is critical if you intend to distribute your custom stationery externally. Choose thicker, more pleasantly-textured stock if writing to VIP clients, and you’re sure to be taken seriously. Who knows? They might actually get in touch.

2.) Letterhead can be powerful direct sales tools.

Letterheads can be a powerful direct sales tool.

Relatively few marketers include letterhead in their direct mail packages, but they offer so much more than the usual flyers and brochures. Integrating something as simple as a coupon or a QR code can help you not just compile critical customer data, but help keep your brand within line of sight for extended periods of time.

Unlike most other marketing printing, letterhead is meant to be used and are rarely thrown away upon receipt. Nearly every single one of us has a spare notepad or a few sheets of stationery on hand because while we don’t need them as much as we used to, they’re still a fact for life for most of us.

1.) Everyone still needs paper to write on.

Might as well be your custom letterhead!

Custom stationery can persist for months, if not years in a household or office, exposing your audience to your brand multiple times a month. Even with the promise of a paperless world, we seem to need paper more than ever, for doing grocery lists, doing quick math, doodling, writing drafts, and crafting some of our best ideas. Custom letterhead is one way your brand can be a part of your customers’ everyday lives.

A customized letterhead is an essential part of any business, not just for helping cement their identity, but for nurturing customer relationships as well.