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Large Format Printing Ideas for Realtors
  by:  |  Jul 27, 2009

In today’s housing market, now’s the time to step up your advertising and go big. If you’re a realtor, large format printing is a great way to get noticed amongst the flood of sales sheets, business cards and flyer boxes.

Here are a few large format printing products you may not have considered for your realty business:

Prints with Large Real Estate for Enterprising Realtors

Info-packed Window Clings for your Properties

Here at UPrinting, we can do full-color, large format printing on window clings. With prices starting as low as $29.33, you can afford to do individual window clings for each and every property on your list. Instead of depending on street signage and flyer boxes, you can actually turn your flyer into an information-packed window cling that’s visible from the street. Prospective buyers can learn about the house without having to call or drive home and log on to a website.

In-house Wall Graphics

Large format printing also includes wall graphics. These are matte adhesive fabrics printed in full-color and up to 58” x 100”. One of our clients, an ingenious realtor, prints a wall graphic for the front entrance of each and every house he lists. It contains all his sales sheet info, selling features of the house, and his information. It’s a great way to drive those features home, particularly during the competitive open house season.

If you or your client is hesitant about adhesive wall graphics or window clings, you can opt for large format poster printing. Like our wall graphics, we offer digital posters in any size up to 58” x 100”.

Large Format Vinyl Banners

If you’re looking to go really big, you may want to consider large format printing on vinyl banners. Our banners can be printed in full-color and up to 61” x 100”. They’re printed on premium 15 mil vinyl; we can also add the hanging grommets. For some realtors, a large banner might be a bit much. For others, it’s the perfect attention-getting “Open House” advertising tool.