Is Your Brand Exclusive?
  by:  |  Jan 16, 2015

is your brand exclusivePhoto credit: Anthony Thomas / iW / CC BY-SA

According to ComScore,  Apple ranked as the top OEM with 41.9 percent of U.S smartphone subscribers. This is proof of its effective marketing strategy; brand exclusivity.

How can we say that its brand is exclusive?  Apple lets people think that its products are exclusive for high-end and sophisticated people. This notion manipulates people to want to be included in the so called “elites” and way to be in is to own an Apple product. The effect of apple exclusivity is that its users strive to belong in the “elites” by patronizing its products; and non-users who want to belong are encouraged to jump in.  It makes them feel that they belong to an exclusive group that not all people can belong to.

Aside from Apple, there are more company that uses brand exclusivity. Examples of which are Lamborghini, Ferrari, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. So if you want your product to be as successful or even just a little close to these companies’ success, you need to create demand with exclusivity.   There are three major strategies in making your brand exclusive.  First is – setting the right price, second making your product the intelligent choice, and lastly, competition.

Let’s talk about the price. Brian Wansink, a professor of consumer behavior stated “We were fascinated to find that pricing has little impact on how much one eats, but a huge impact on how you interpret the experience.” Also Time stated that “We tend to associate cost with quality.” This means that that people respond better to products that are more expensive. People are conditioned to believe that the more expensive a product is, the better it is.

The next one is making your product the “intelligent choice”. The concept here is that your product is for the more discerning customers. This discerning customers are the ones who’ll not be fooled by hype or advertising. In some way it opposes the theory of the more expensive, the better. But this strategy makes customers think they are not just getting the less expensive but rather, a product just as good but costs less. The implication which makes it work is that the viewer is allowed to feel that they are smarter than the average buyer.

The last strategy is the spirit of competition. The more superior your product is against its competitors, the more exclusive it becomes. People will want to use your product because it is assumed better than the others. This is where you have to show everyone else that your product is the best among the rest.

Choose between these strategies to boost your marketing tactics. To conclude, creating the impression that your product is exclusive can help increase its demand. You’ll have to think of how you can set your product’s price right. Than make your product the intelligent choice. And lastly make your product standout among its competitors.

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