Is There a Connection Between Business and Dating?
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In 2008, just a few days shy of Valentine’s Day, Dan Schawbel published his interview with online dating expert and publisher of Online Dating Magazine, Joe Tracy.

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The article, which remains true and relevant until today, looks at how people project a personal brand (for lack of a better term) in their dating relationships. The theory is that there are similarities between the way you brand yourself as a potential romantic partner and the way you brand a business.

Consider the following quote:

“In the online dating arena, people who don’t brand themselves properly begin to look like everyone else. Their profile looks like everyone else, they don’t appear to know what they want, and they don’t appear confident. When you hear someone say, “all profiles read the same” when it comes to online dating, they are talking about people who don’t brand themselves.

If you brand yourself properly then your profile will be unique, creative, confident, positive, and people will see that from the start. You are a unique person and you will do what it takes to present that uniqueness in a creative and positive manner.”

Joe Tracy

Is this any different from the goals of personal branding? Isn’t the goal of creating your own personal brand to make you stand out as a unique individual?

Striving to be unique is a central tenet of both dating and business. In both instances, you are attempting to present yourself in a manner that entices the individual on the other side of the conversation to enter an ongoing relationship.

Whether it is a second date or a second purchase, your goal is to get them to want to keep going after the first meeting.

Miss Dottie’s Pound Cake gets ready for Valentine’s Day by adding mini, ceramic heart, pocket pebbles to their deluxe packaging. A little extra love that goes a long way in adding value to their brand and enticing customers to keep coming back.

Enter, Relationship Marketing

According to digital marketing agency, Human, relationship marketing “focuses on building a human connection between a brand and its customers, encouraging customer retention, loyalty and satisfaction.”

Like romance, it follows the natural progression of a relationship, from attraction to dating. Could this be true?

Well, who to better get first-hand insights from than boyfriend-and-girlfriend duo and business owners, Jessica and Hedgar.


The power couple behind the brand, Wealth Organics, subscribes to the idea that in today’s fast-swiping consumer landscape, branding is like dating – first impressions matter!

When asked how they position their brand to appeal to customers, Jessica shares,

“Like dating, we want our business to make the best first impression possible. We use aesthetic pictures that will not only capture your attention but your heart. We then outfit that picture with an endearing caption that allows our personality to shine through to intrigue you further. We want you to get to know us, be relatable, engage with us, and ultimately trust us.”

Wealth Organics

Passionate about natural remedies, Wealth Organics is committed to creating quality organic products that are kid-, pet-, and vegan-friendly. Their handcrafted infusions offer natural remedies for immunity, wellness, and peace of mind.

As we all know, making a great impression is one thing, it is entirely another to keep a healthy and long-lasting relationship. For Jessica and Hedgar, there is a key component to making it work – the big C, communication!

“Communication is key! We interact with everyone that comments on our page as quickly as possible, so they know that we hear them, we’re here, and we care. The use of pictures and captions just grab your attention, but we want a lasting relationship, we want to be “the one” to our customers.”

Where communication is concerned, the couple sees to it that all forms of customer interaction are a reflection of their brand. So, for their product packaging, only quality custom labels will do.

“All our products have your labels, thank you for the amazing work. All our customers love it and we’ve already referred you to a few small business owners💚.”

Custom labels this season of love will help drive a positive impression and win hearts for your brand.
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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. How do you plan on catching customer attention and building a lasting relationship with your clients?