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Introducing our New Trade Program
  by:  |  Nov 20, 2007

UPrinting understands that the needs of its trade customers are different and unique from its retail customers. To help our trade customers deal with the diverse challenges of trade, we have created a special Trade Program designed specifically to deal with those challenges.

1. What is Trade?

Trade customers are those customers who order printed products from U-Printing and then offer them for resale. Examples of trade customers include designers, resellers and print brokers.

2. Should I Join the Trade Program?

There are a number of reasons why a qualifying business should join the Trade Program. First of all, members of the Trade Program qualify for discount wholesale pricing on all orders. Secondly, U-Printing offers blind shipping in unbranded packaging on all orders. And of course, the members of our Trade Program still receive all of the benefits of working with U-Printing, including our powerful online job management portal, our exclusive U-Page options and real one on one management on their projects.

3. Does it Cost Anything?

There is no cost to join the U-Printing Trade Program.

With all of the advantages that U-Printing offers with its Trade Program, it doesn’t make sense for a trade business not to join the program. If you are a qualifying customer and wish to apply, please click here to apply.

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