International Women’s Month Design Inspiration: A Tribute to Women Today
  by:  |  Mar 14, 2012

March 8 is International Women’s Day, but the month of March was proclaimed last year by President Barack Obama to be “Women’s History Month”. International Women’s Month is also held every March in Britain.

Women have come a long way from being limited in almost all areas of culture and society to attaining roughly equal rights with men today. True, the voices of feminism still ring on, and there is much debate on whether women are truly equal to men in modern Western society today, let alone the discussions on how women are definitely not treated equally in other countries, but this post will focus less on these areas of contention and more on an aesthetic celebration of what makes women women today.

These design projects range from simple but eloquent expressions of women’s psyche to almost political statements of how women are perceived in different areas like culture and society. Click on each design to learn more about each project. Mediums for these different artworks range from print products like custom canvas to mixed media and digital art, which could help you think more creatively of your own projects and the best mediums to present them in.

Expressions of Modern Feminism in All its Flavors

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Melissa Eyman – Young Woman Carrying Suitcases Down a Country Road

international women's day 01 - melissa eyman

Maider Mendaza – Manual de la Feminidad

international women's day 02 - maider mendaza

Christopher KĂžltzow – Feminism

international women's day 03 - christopher koltzow

David Luhman – The Wish

international women's day 04 - david luhman


international women's day 05 - hellofreaks

Chris Rogers – Like a Girl Poster Series

international women's day 06 - chris rogers

Moran Yadid – Women

international women's day 07 - moran yadid

Shehzil Malik – The Self

international women's day 08 - shehzil malik

Bike Kefeli – Futurescapes

international women's day 09 - bike kefeli

Valerie Ogorodnyk – Selfobjectification

international women's day 10 - valerie ogorodnyk

Miriam Persand – Una Buena Barba

international women's day 11 - miriam persand

Emma Donelson – How to Be a Lady

international women's day 12 - emma donelson

Wahlene L. – What Are You Looking At?

international women's day 13 - wahlene l

Nanuki – Feminism

international women's day 14 - nanuki

Lin Mei – Wild Dreams

international women's day 15 - lin mei

Katherine Wills – Confine

international women's day 16 - katherine wills

Dilighted – Feminism

international women's day 17 - dilighted