Inspiring Holiday Card Ideas for Designers
  by:  |  Oct 21, 2010

Sending warm greetings to people is now made fast and easy through email and social networking. However, that doesn’t mean you should forget about sending personalized greeting cards to your friends, family, and clients. Instead of buying cards from the bookstore, why not send out cards that you designed yourself?

If you’re planning to create cards as early as now, you can check out these holiday card ideas to help you get started with your festive design project.

Holiday Card Ideas To Try This Season

A Typographic Holiday


Let your creative skills shine through your holiday cards by using font as a main design element. You can even create a type experiment specifically for the greeting cards to make them even more special for the people you’ll mail them to.

Holiday Card Ideas - Hoho
Designer: Fernando José Pérez

Holiday Card Ideas - Merry Christmas Postcards
Designer: Chris Page

Holiday Card Ideas - New Year
Designer: Francisco Adriani

Holiday Card Ideas - Joyful
Holiday Card Ideas - Happy Holidays

Designer: Danielle Bliss

Holiday Card Ideas - New Year Postal Card
Designer: Nicolas Cornwall

Have a Holiday Laugh!


Spread the holiday cheer with a humorous card you can send to your funny co-worker or friend. Who knows? You might even make their holidays merrier with your hilarious greetings.

Holiday Card Ideas - Bubble Wrap Card
Designer: Olga Balina

Holiday Card Ideas - Ho Ho Yeah
Designer: Mike Mitchell

Pretty and Sweet


This next greeting card idea is perfect for sending warm and touching messages to your clients, friends, family, and colleagues. If being a little sentimental during Christmas or New Year is not your style, don’t worry. It’s a holiday, you have every excuse to be cheesy.

Holiday Card Ideas - Facebook Card
Designer: Design for Fun

Holiday Card Ideas - Holiday Card
Designer: Anthony DiVivo

Holiday Card Ideas - Happy Holidays
Designer: Michael Green

Holiday Card Ideas - We are Messengers
Designer: Rumpus Design

Hello Santa!


The holidays will never be complete without seeing an image of Santa. Make this famous and lovable Christmas icon pop out of your greeting card design for the ultimate Holiday feel.

Holiday Card Ideas - Birdies Christmas Card
Designer: Gisele Jaquenod

Childhood Holiday Memories


Do you still remember the holiday cards you designed for your art class in grade school? Those illustration-based designs are the best inspiration to come up with a card that reminds you of your childhood holiday memories. Feel like a kid again by creating cute illustrations for your greeting cards this year.

Holiday Card Ideas - Portfolio Illustration
Designer: Olivia Samson

Holiday Card Ideas - Xmas Card
Designer: amber&green

Holiday Advertising


Every holiday is a chance for you to promote yourself, so get out there and let your brand identity show on your festive postcards.

Holiday Card Ideas - Mind Castle
Designer: Mind Castle

Holiday Card Ideas - Self Promo
Designer: Miguel Vega

Got other holiday card ideas in mind? Let us know by commenting on this post!

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