16 Inspiring Quotes From Top Content Marketers
  by:  |  Sep 13, 2017

Thousands of marketers flocked to this year’s Content Marketing World. It is a haven for all of us who love writing, marketing, SEO, strategizing and analyzing all of the above, and of course, the combination of which Joe Pulizzi makes sure we call “content marketing.”

As a lover of all things mentioned in the first paragraph, I headed to Cleveland myself this year, and already can’t wait for 2018.

It was an amazing experience. My brain was overloaded with information but ready to get up and do it again each morning.

In an attempt to hold onto (and share) this knowledge and inspiration, I sent some of my favorite quotes into the Twittersphere throughout the week.

Together they form a wealth of revelations for writers and marketers, and shine a light on the state of content marketing today: one of storytelling.

The hardest part of storytelling is often getting to the simple idea. @lindaboff Click To Tweet Intuition is the ability to succeed at higher speed. @jayacunzo Click To Tweet Don't demand action. Inspire it. @jayacunzo Click To Tweet People don't remember data that stands alone. They remember data in the context of a story. @mmagnarelli Click To Tweet Start from a place of 'what is the story I'm trying to tell?' @mmagnarelli Click To Tweet We're moving from a mobile-first world to a post-mobile world. @bobowski Click To Tweet Curation means 'I've done the work so you don't have to' @ScottMonty Click To Tweet Personal branding is the future of corporate branding @markwschaefer Click To Tweet You don't have to wait to be picked. Pick yourself. @markwschaefer Click To Tweet 'Don't try to inspire me with your advertising' --digital audience @CaseyNeistat Click To Tweet If you know how to do something, why do it again? @colsonwhitehead Click To Tweet The most persuasive content is content created by real people. @jaybaer Click To Tweet Make love, not content @corhospes Click To Tweet How can you inspire people when you're not inspired by yourself? @corhospes Click To Tweet A lot of data? Break it out separately into multiple charts. @AdamSinger Click To Tweet Inspire someone else to be creative. @hitRECordJoe Click To Tweet

After the conference, I was full of the inspiration, insights, and ideas from so many well-known speakers in the industry. The central idea I saw woven throughout? Content marketing isn’t about “marketing” any one thing. It is about storytelling.

Content marketing isn't about 'marketing' any thing. It is about storytelling. @writtenbyemilie Click To Tweet

We should be sharing the stories of the people at our company, the ones who make up our brand. We should be telling the story of our customers, the ones who make our brand possible. And we should be telling the story of ourselves. Who are you? What is your story? Tell your story.