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How to tell a Good Online Printing Company from a Not-So-Good One
  by:  |  Mar 9, 2009

There are hundreds of online printing companies. But just because a print shop has a website and a 4-color press, that doesn’t make them good. When you’re shopping for an online printing company, keep an eye out for these 6 characteristics. If they don’t have them, keep moving:

Accepts Multiple File Formats

A good online Printing Company should be able to accept multiple file formats from you, convert those file formats and colors (that’s where the expertise part comes in) and give you back a solid proof ready for printing.

Here at UPrinting, we accept 8 different formats. If a company’s trying to force you to only deliver files in the format they want, they’re not really doing their job, are they?

UPrinting also offers free conversion services, doing a full pre-press file check that includes converting to print resolution, adjusting the color to CMYK, dealing with missing fonts, checking the document size and running it through a series of tests. If a company’s trying to charge you for those services, move on.

Free Proofing

If an Online Printing Company is charging you for proofs or trying to make you pay before they’ll proof your job, move on. Here at UPrinting, we have a free file review service.

A Phone Number

You’d be surprised how many online printing companies don’t give out their phone number. Ours is 1-800-888-4211. Call us, we’d love to hear from you.

Offset Printing (and Digital)

Digital printing is fine for short runs, but it can’t compare to full-color offset printing. It simply doesn’t measure up. If an online printing company isn’t offering 4-color, offset printing as part of their product offering, they’re not in the big leagues.

Professional Expertise

A good online printing company is going to do more than take your order, send you a confirmation and mail it out a few days later. A good company will offer you professional advice and help you through the printing process if you need it.

For example, if you’re trying to print neon yellow text on a canary yellow background, it might look pretty cool on your computer screen. Once it gets to the printer though, they should be able to recognize that won’t print correctly (or be legible), and give you that feedback.

Reviews and Testimonials

Here at UPrinting, we put our customer reviews, feedback and testimonials right on our website. Why? Because we’re proud of what our customers have to say about us and we’re happy to share it. Any good online printing company should do the same.