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How to Survive the Holiday Season (3 Top Tips)
  by:  |  Dec 1, 2023
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Last updated on December 8th, 2023 at 06:33 pm

The holidays can be a challenging time for new business owners.

Many seasoned entrepreneurs will simply tell you the plan is to prepare. Others, like our friends from the UPrinting community, will teach you how to foolproof your holiday preparations.

Read on as small business owners spill the Ts – their tried and tested tips to successfully navigate the holidays.


Tip #1: Understand Your Audience

Connecting with your target audience is a game-changer for many businesses.

Knowing their preferences and shopping habits during the holidays can help you tailor your products and promotions to make an impression on those who matter most – your customers.

The Artsy Girl founder, Sharmequa Franklin, launched her business in 2020. She began drawing, painting, and making jewelry as a way to cope with the stress and uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, The Artsy Girl is not only thriving online but has also successfully established their brand at local holiday markets in North Carolina, South Carolina, and in select retailers in the cities of Statesboro and Savannah, Georgia.

It’s impressive! So, we asked Sharmequa:

How do you make sure your holiday efforts speak directly to your audience?

“When it’s the holiday season we try to connect with our customers’ gift giving and holiday party needs.

The Artsy Girl brand is all about building self-confidence in women through slowly made earrings, accessories, and stationery that spread razzle dazzle and sparkles – we like to call it sparkle energy!

Whether they are looking for a Sparkle Box with a custom gift or an e-gift card, The Artsy Girl makes the holiday season special and magical. After all, ‘Tis the Season to Sparkle!”


Their business grew the way it did because Sharmequa and her team are not just selling cute accessories, they’re crafting an experience that their audience wants to repeat. They’re building relationships where their customers feel heard, and their needs are addressed.

After all, building self-confidence can stem from different places. Sometimes it’s inspired by major life changes. Other times, a sparkly accessory is all it takes.

Gift it to yourself or someone else this holiday season.

Head over to for fun and creative finds.


Tip #2: Utilize Different Marketing Channels

You don’t have to be present everywhere.

Choose the right marketing channels for your holiday promotions to strategically place your message where it resonates the most.

Gabrielle or Gabi, the owner and maker of Designs by Gabii, believes that a focused, cohesive approach ensures targeted reach, impact, and engagement. And for her, it takes more than one marketing channel to connect with a wider audience.

We asked,

How do you decide which marketing channels to go all-in on? Offline, online, or a mix of both?


“I primarily focus on in-person markets, especially during the holidays. I like to connect with customers at events and then direct them to follow my page on Instagram to learn about future events and product releases.

Online, I dedicate most of my time to Instagram. I think it’s important to not only post and leave the app but to intentionally build relationships with other creatives and potential customers.”


It’s also important to recognize the benefits of establishing brand presence in both virtual and in-person platforms.

For instance, social media makes you accessible to your audience without geographical barriers. Markets and trade shows on the other hand, offer opportunities for localized marketing and networking.

And Gabi believes both are essential for year-round brand impact.

“When you make an effort to connect with customers and other makers genuinely and consistently, you become a part of a great community that inspires and looks after each other.

I have been invited to many in-person markets through Instagram and have also found awesome brands, like UPrinting, that help small business owners succeed.”

Based in Oakland, CA, Designs by Gabii is a Latina-owned business that offers handmade resin art. Gabi’s collection of jewelry, home décor, stickers, and more, are either designed and created by her or handpicked by her in Brazil.

Check them out at If you’re gift-hunting, keep an eye out for her best-selling eye-shaped ring holders and moon trays.


Tip # 3: Plan Ahead

Gearing up for the festive season is all about strategic timing, logistical preparedness, and adaptability.

The earlier you plan, the better your chances are of capturing consumer attention before the market is saturated with competition.

We turn to children’s author Lauran Piland, for tips on how to prepare for a successful holiday promotion.

How do you map out your holiday promotion schedule?


“I like to make a Year at A Glance marketing plan. And then two to three months ahead of each phase, I start making sure I have graphics and content ideas ready to go, and promotional materials ordered ahead as needed.

We personally don’t start decorating and shopping for Christmas in our household until December 1, but as a business owner, I’ve learned to start signing up for holiday markets, and ordering a surplus of bookmarks and order cards in September, so I’m ready to hit post on holiday promotional content & events starting November 1. And that’s even later for some!”

Lauren shares that as a product-based entrepreneur, it’s crucial to always stay ahead of the game in terms of scheduling and planning for seasonal campaigns.

She adds,

“I always order what I think I need, plus an extra case because you never know exactly what quantities you’ll go through.

Luckily, UPrinting has such a fast turnaround, as in I can usually get materials within a week of ordering, so even if you’re running behind or get in a bind, they can have you covered pretty quickly.”

As a mom and former elementary teacher, Lauren created Blooming Rose, a children’s book series to “entertain children of all ages in wondrous & relatable stories” and give parents and teachers the tools to “support our kids’ emotional & academic needs.”

For November and December, Blooming Rose will offer free gift packaging for orders of Blooming Rose Blasts Off! All orders will also be custom signed to your kids on the inside cover and will include a design-your-own rocket bookmark. You can also add an academic bundle of activities for grades PreK to 4th.

Consider giving children the gift of fun-filled learning. Go to for books and bundles.

Holiday Printing Essentials

Find out which print products are essential for these small business owners’ holiday hustle. Watch!

Which holiday marketing tip will you be integrating in your strategy? Do you have one to share, too? Drop a comment below!


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