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How to Effectively Promote your Business on Facebook
  by:  |  Dec 8, 2014
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Last updated on April 13th, 2023 at 07:23 pm

Facebook might be here for more than a decade now, and arguably, it still is THE social network that has defined a generation. It is an incredible online community and a gold mine for businesses and advertisers looking for a platform for interaction with their market.

How to Effectively Promote your Business on Facebook

Facebook boasts 2.91 billion monthly active users, which is too big an opportunity for you as business owners to pass. Here are some advertising methods that you can use in building up your brand in the largest social network:

1. Create a Facebook page

The first thing that you should do is create a page for your business. While creating a Facebook profile for your company can work, a Facebook Page is a better avenue for you to interact with them.

Facebook pages have several functions for convenient communication and accessible analysis for insights.

One such function is the ability to target your posts to specific segments of your market. Targeting categories include gender, relationship status, educational status, age, location, language, and interests. This means that what you post would only show up in the News Feed of your fans that fit your settings.

Another useful function you could try is the Insights for your page. Here, you can check the demographics of your company’s fans, see the progress of your Likes over time, analyze the reach of your posts, find the websites that refer to your page, and determine the best time to post updates.

The number of fans that may like your page has no limit; thus, the potential to reach many people is virtually limitless. The following few tips will discuss how you should interact with your fans.

2. Be consistent with your visual design

Any marketer would tell you that branding is critical and that packaging your brand significantly impacts your consumer’s perception. With this in mind, do your best to make your Facebook page reflect your brand’s message.

Aside from image posts, Facebook pages can change their Page Profile Picture and Cover Photo. The dimensions for these and other social networks can be found here.

Choose the right photos for these, as they will be the first things visitors will see on your page. Most of the time, your company logo will suffice for a profile picture, but you can experiment and choose what works best. We suggest using some of your products, services, or images of your headquarters and employees.

3. Engage your followers through frequent updates and encouraging discussion

There isn’t necessarily any right or wrong number of times you should upload photos or change your status. How often you post on your Facebook page depends on your brand, what kind of industry you are in, and your objectives in your social media marketing plan.

That said, you should post frequently enough to make your audience stay engaged. Analyze your Facebook insights and check when most of your followers are online. Use that time to post updates that could potentially incite a discussion. Such posts include thought-provoking questions, opinions, or contest giveaways.

Like blog posting, always share evergreen content. However, it would be best if you did not confine yourself to this principle. Social media, by nature, works in real-time. Brands like Oreo have mastered riding on trending topics and posting about them on their pages.

4. As much as possible, reply to your fans’ comments

Communication is a two-way street, and the surefire way to build a relationship with your fans is to communicate with them. Try to reply to your fans’ comments and queries. Not only does this boost engagement, but it would also show that you care enough to take the time to answer them.

In commenting, use your fans’ first names. Your fan is a friend, and you would want to invoke a sense of familiarity between you. Be transparent with your company’s business and always provide insights to your followers. Going a little further, you can host a Q&A where your fans can ask questions.

Showcase your fans. Post a shout-out once in a while, thanking top contributors to the page or, if possible, giving surprise freebies.

5. Join a Facebook Group and share your page’s content

Facebook groups are mini forums where users with shared interests gather and discuss relevant topics.

This presents an excellent opportunity to share your content with greater engagement. Depending on your industry, you may find groups that would be related to your business. Use your industry experience and contribute to the discussion.

If you think some of your content would give the group members value, share it and encourage members to ask you questions. You can also create your own Facebook group for your company for a more in-depth discussion that Facebook pages may fall short of.

6. Integrate your other social media profiles into Facebook

Almost half of the online adult population uses multiple social networking sites, and Facebook is still their top platform of choice.

For your company, this means that you, too, should be present on multiple social networks to connect with your market. The thing is, most social networks don’t but rather complement each other. Take advantage of this opportunity by integrating your Facebook and other social media profiles.

Post some of your pictures on Instagram or share your boards on Pinterest. Link some of your Tweets to your Facebook page. Finally, do not forget to promote your social media sites across platforms. Doing so lets you cover a wide area to attract potential customers.

7. Boost your posts and use Facebook advertising

Facebook gives you the chance to boost your updates as a sponsored post to show in the News Feed of potential likers. These kinds of posts can be targeted to whatever demographic settings you use. Depending on your budget, these posts can be shown to up to 20 million Facebook users. Each boosted post can cost as little as a dollar. You can also turn off comments on Facebook ads.

Aside from posts, you can also create an advertisement for your page. Facebook lets you choose between Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed, or the Right Column to position your advertisement. Like boosted posts, you can also set the demographics of the consumers you want to target.

*Facebook recently changed its privacy policy which is beneficial to users but might make promotion difficult for businesses. In 2015, promotional posts might be shown to fewer people organically. You have to use Facebook ads to boost your post.

There you have it! Thanks for reading our rundown on how to promote your business on Facebook. Do you have more ideas and tips on promoting your business on Facebook? Tell us in the comment box below! 

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Updated on December 8, 2014

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