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How to Design Menus For Restaurant Establishments
  by:  |  Jan 27, 2010
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The quality of your menu decides whether people who enter your restaurant will become customers or remain visitors. To ensure good quality in your menus, be as selective of the services you hire to produce your menu as you are of your dishes’ ingredients. And know what elements should go in your menu design so you can make sure they’re there when it’s time to print, no matter who designs it.

Design Menus – Practical How-To

Content: Differ from the Competition

Scrutinize your competitors’ menus, and find a way to distinguish yourself from them significantly. If you serve dishes similar to theirs, think of ways you could present your dishes differently on the menu and to your customers. Also, compare your prices with your competitors. If you charge higher prices, justify this with a better overall customer experience.

Layout and Design: Focus on Your Story

Your restaurant has a story; design menus that tell that story well. The colors, font, and design of your menu should be aesthetically pleasing and fascinating to the eye. Present your choice dishes in the best light with high-quality restaurant food images. Arrange items in your menu in the order they are presented during a multi-course meal, and use two columns at most for every page to allow for visual space.

Daily or seasonal specials can be included with simple menu inserts. Make sure the menu design you settle with is the one you can use for a long time.

Menu Copy: Succulent and Succinct

Allow around two sentences to describe each of your dishes in the most concise yet mouth-watering way possible. Ensure your dishes’ names agree with their descriptions and list a few of each dish’s most prominent ingredients — to inform and delight.

Paper and Printing: Choose the Best Quality

Glossy paper or card stock is usually the best material to print menus for restaurant places; the slight sheen does wonders to the colors in your menu design and makes for a more transparent, snappier presentation.

Selecting a printer may be the most crucial decision to make for your menu. Choose a printer that can present not only free proofs of your design before the printing starts but also has reasonable prices, a good reputation in high-quality printing, and complete customer support for customers’ print jobs during the entire process.

Once you’re informed, secure, and have a design ready, check out the professional menu printing services at UPrinting today.

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