Flushed With Humor: 7 Hilariously Creative Bathroom Signs
  by:  |  Mar 24, 2024
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Restroom signs are straightforward and no-nonsense. But injecting a dash of humor to these type of displays adds a layer of levity that can make anyone smile. In this listicle, we go through some of the most hilariously creative bathroom aluminum signs that have left us, well, ‘flushed’ with laughter.

1. Problematic? Maybe. True? Yes.

A playful restroom sign indicating directions for men and women
Image from Twitter

2. Stating the obvious has never been funnier.

Humorous bathroom sign stating do not wash or rinse hair in the sinkImage from Imgur

3. At the end of the day, we’re all the same.

A humorous bathroom sign with stylized human figures Image from Imgur

4. It’s always better to have a disclaimer.

Humorous bathroom sign instructing to flush for 30 seconds before drinking
Image from Imgur

5. Even if you’re a mythical creature, hygiene comes first.

Bathroom Sign
Image from Reddit

6. Instructional signs are always helpful.

Hilarious Instructional Bathroom Signs for Ladies and GentlemenImage from Architecture & Design

7. Inclusivity is the name of the game nowadays.

Hilarious Inclusive Bathroom SignsImage from Reddit


Who would’ve thought a trip to the loo could can be an entertaining affair? From cheeky designs to pun-tastic wordplay, these restroom signs surely prove that humor can be found in the most unexpected of places. Want to give humor a hand? Try it out on your next aluminum sign design!

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