Handouts You Can Use to Generate Business
  by:  |  Jun 17, 2008

Last updated on September 8th, 2017 at 06:16 pm

With the growth of online marketing and the continued strength of mailing campaigns as an adverting tool, it is easy to forget to plan for face to face marketing opportunities.  In other words, people sometimes neglect planning what tools to use to get their message to customers when they meet them on a one on one basis.  Here are a few printed materials you should always keep on hand to give to customers to take from face to face meetings:

1.   Business Cards:   Business cards are the most basic handout.  They are designed to be handed to your customers, so that those customers have your information after the face to face meeting.

2.   Postcards:  The bigger brother of your business cards, they’re still easy to carry and store, but they are generally larger than business cards and allow you to convey much more information than a business card can.

3.  Club Card Flyers:  When you are in a situation where you will be handing out your information to a large number of people gathered in one place, you might want to consider using club card flyers for the job.  With their flashy colors and simple call to action, club card flyers are a great way to get a response from a handout at a large gathering.

4.  Brochures:  Brochures are another printed material which combines portability with space for information.  Brochures make great handouts due to their small size when folded while still having enough of a surface area to allow you to get your important information on the brochure.

So, in closing, while it is important to keep working on perfecting your mailing campaigns and other advertising, you shouldn’t forget to stock up on printed materials to you can give to your customers when you are face to face with them.