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Halloween Advertising: Marketing Ideas for November
  by:  |  Sep 10, 2012

November is a profitable time for most businesses. You’ve got a bunch of upcoming holidays that are bound to bring in customers (provided you use the right marketing strategy). However, with holidays standing only weeks apart, you’ve got very little time to transition from one marketing campaign to another.

That’s why you should always plan in advance. September is a nice time to start building solid advertising campaigns for all the holidays between November and January — and the first holiday on your list should be Halloween.

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Unique ideas are hard to come by. It’s even harder when you’re supposed to come up with something fresh about a holiday that’s been celebrated over and over again. However, Americans are even more willing to spend for Halloween now. Given this change in buying habits, spending days on coming up with a great campaign for Halloween would be worth all the trouble.

Halloween Campaigns

So where do you begin? Great ideas can come from looking at other campaigns people ran in the past. Some of the best concepts had already been thought of before but have failed to give what was expected of them OR had succeeded but could still be improved.

Maybe something was off. It’s possible that they may have targeted the wrong crowd. Ad placement could have also been wrong. There are so many factors to consider. You job is to think about why they may have failed and come up with an even stronger campaign. By no means are we telling you to steal other ideas. What we’re saying is that you can draw inspiration from other ideas.

Once you have your concept, it’s time to think about your marketing tools. Your concept is just as strong as your marketing tool. Whichever tool you use, you have to make sure it’s translates well to your audience. However, you may have to consider using more than one to make the campaign go over well. If you’re holding a club event, for example, you may want to print club card flyers and event tickets.

To help with your design, here are some samples we found online. You can click on the images to see their original source.

Hopefully, these designs are enough to get you on the right track. And if you ever decide to make flyers, postcards, flyers, business cards, yard signs, or other print materials a part of your Halloween campaign, check out or call us at 1-888-888-4211.