Graphic Design Resume – 20 Creative Sample Resumes
  by:  |  Apr 11, 2012

You’ll spend half of your time as a designer impressing clients – or trying to, at least. To achieve that, you can show a portfolio containing your best work. But why not take it up a notch? Why not create a fancy and unique resume? If getting noticed is the objective, then you should aim to excite employers right from the get-go.

I know gimmicky resumes might not sit well with some of you and you do have to question the practicality of passing these around from one interview to another. However, if I was applying for a job where creativity is a huge factor, I’d rather march into human resources with one of these in hand and take comfort in the fact that I’ll be remembered when it counts.

That said, here’s a collection of creative and fun resumes to inspire and get your juices flowing. If you want to know more about the concept behind a particular resume, click on the image to see the original source.

Disclaimer: Images on this page are not owned by UPrinting and are used solely for educational purposes. Please click on the images to see their original sources.

Victor Rodriguez
When creating resumes like the ones you just saw, make sure that your supplemental materials (like your custom business card, flyers, envelopes, and the like) are consistent with your theme. This will help make your point more concise and clear.

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