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Good Business Card Design Printing Tips
  by:  |  Feb 11, 2010

Designing good business cards means being conscious of the proofing and printing. Like viewing great scenery with your own eyes and taking photographs of them, what you visualize does not always make a smooth transition to print.

Bridge that gap by learning good practices in preparing designs and ordering your prints. Your professional quality business cards – and the customers you attract with them – will thank you later.

Business Card Design Printing

Business Card Design Printing - Dave Blank

Simplicity rules — Good business card designs don’t have to be complex.  Often times a simple or clever design will do the trick but remain conscious of the colors that you use.  Designers often over look color schemes and end up with bleeding or bad colors on the final product.  If you want that polished look, make sure you take steps to save in the proper color scheme.

Get the design proofed — Know what your card will look like before you pay to have your batch printed.  This could not only save you money, but the embarrassment of having to show off a business card design that doesn’t look right.  When researching printers, always make sure you have the option of a free proof., for instance, offers free proofs on every project.

Take advantage of your printer’s custom options. For example, UPrinting has these custom options for your business card printing:

  • custom sizing, from 2″ to 4″ a side
  • die-cut shapes, from rounded corners to circular cards
  • finishing options, from high-gloss to Classic Crest® textures
  • full color printing up to both sides of your business cards

With enough creativity, you can use these options to create gorgeous yet practical business cards at the same time. Extremely customized business cards can wow clients the first time, but may end up lost since these wouldn’t fit in their card holders.

Learn Printing 101. When you start getting involved in print design, you should know, among other things:

  • how to correctly set up your design file to avoid trimming or blurriness,
  • what color space to work on when preparing designs for offset printing, and
  • how your business card design will be affected by your choice of card stock.

UPrinting uses vegetable-based inks that reduce harmful carbon emissions and help maintain a safer work environment. We also recycle all unused paper scraps, and coat most of our prints with water-based solutions to improve product biodegradability.

Our prepress team will be more than happy to assist you, but becoming more familiar with the processes involved will help you know what to expect – and what you have a right to. For starters, you can subscribe to the UPrinting Blog to learn more in-depth information about printing designs.

Design and print business cards with a printing company that values good design, to the point of maintaining a design team in-house as well as an expert prepress team. Visit and find out more of our services today!