Free Google Services for Non-Profits
  by:  |  Jul 16, 2008

Did you know that a variety of options exist for non-profit organizations?

Google Adwords

By nature, non-profit organizations operate on a tight and lean budget. Some internet based services that are the norm in the corporate world, such as Google AdWords, may seem out of reach and too expensive for a non-profit organization. This is a misconception. There are a wide variety of free services for non-profit institutions. You just need to know where to look.

Google Grants

Google in particular offers great financial support for non-profits. Their program is called Google Grants. If you are a federally recognized 501(c)3 organization then you can submit your request to Google to be a recipient of their AdWords service for free.

If awarded a Google AdWords grant, it means you get free online advertising to help draw and increase web traffic to your site. This will enable you to now reach new internet users who are unique and visit your site to learn about your organization. That means free internet text advertising which will help your non-profit organization be included in more search results from the general public. In turn, this will draw more people to your website and your cause.

Google Checkout

Another option that Google offers for free is called Google Checkout for Non-Profits. This is another free service for a non-profit. By identifying yourself with a merchant account and federally recognized 501(c)3 number, Google Checkout allows you to place a Donate button on your webpage so people can click to donate to your non-profit organization via credit card easily and securely. In addition, you will be able to process and receive credit card donations online from your website free of transaction fees. This of course means no financial loss due to typical credit card transactions.

Every cent counts in the non-profit world. More money saved means more money reinvested back into your cause. For more information about these free Google programs, visit

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Google Checkout