Flyer Design Tutorial Videos + Posts: A Definitive Collection for the Graphic Design Newbie
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Last updated on January 22nd, 2018 at 09:00 pm

Making tutorials for designs in general tends to be difficult enough for people not to make them too often. It helps, though, to at least know someplace where the best ones of a certain category are all on one page.

In an effort to make a collection of tutorials just like that, here’s a roundup of tutorial videos and posts that teach you how to do flyer design in Photoshop, curated among many others by yours truly. This collection leans more towards the nightclub flyer variety, but once you get some of these techniques down pat, you can use them for making other kinds of fliers too!

Flyer Tutorials to Help You Make Your Very Own First Flyer Designs



(if you’re the kind who learns by watching)

Photoshop Tutorial – Event Flyer Design

Dan Wilko shares hints and tips on how he personally designs his flyer material in this 10-minute tutorial.
(Warning: Dan’s listed website,, was blocked by my antivirus program. His other website though,, seems to be OK.)

Club and Party Flyer Design with Photoshop in Under 1 Minute – Photo47

The design of this flier took around 1 hour and 15 minutes, but they condensed the clip down to around a minute. The design is for a Moscato March event for the Twisted Tilt club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sam Heights: DJ Flyer Design (Photoshop)

Though Sam Heights made an e-flyer in this tutorial, there are still a few things to learn here. The client wanted something dancey, but without too much going on; hence, the feel of this event flyer is more modern than bright-lights clubby. The whole process is fast-forwarded to the tune of L.A.T.A.’s “Stereo Bumpin'”.

Flyer Design (Tito Swing)

Another fast speed flyer tutorial. The design is a little hip-hop-bossa island-y. Okay, beginners probably won’t get much more than an amused realization at how the design process can get disorganized sometimes, but you gotta admit, it’s pretty entertaining!

Soundwave Flyer Design

This is a 3-part tutorial that involves creating an “electric soundwave effect” as well as various layer effects. This video is only part 1; if you like it, check out part 2 and part 3.

Photoshop Tutorial- Create a Stylish Flyer

A short tutorial with no voice-over, just music – and not at full speed. That also means this tutorial is very simple. Recommended for the absolute beginner.

Photoshop Flyer Design Springtime Affair

This tutorial teaches us how to turn a stock image of a couple of sunflowers into a flyer advertising a classy dance affair.

Tutorial Posts:

(if you’d rather not be bothered to keep pausing to follow the leader)

Sleek Phone Advertisement Flyer

flyer design tutorials - sleek phone advertisement flyer

Here’s a 2-part flyer tutorial that teaches you how to create a sleek phone advertisement that will make just about any phone look good. The post linked above is part 1, here’s part 2.

How to Make a Smokin’ Nightclub Flyer

flyer design tutorials - how to make a smokin nightclub flyer

Here’s a post version of most of the videos up there, in an easy-to-follow format. You get to choose your own soundtrack too!

How to Create an Essentially Beautiful Flyer

flyer design tutorials - how to create an essentially beautiful flyer

An oldie but a goodie, Photoshop Lady’s beautiful flyer design tutorial is a must-include for compilations like these. Check out how you can produce your own beautiful flyers here.

Make a Cut and Paste Rock Club Flyer

 flyer design tutorials - make a cut and paste rock club flyer

Sometimes we need a break from our Web 2.0 design aesthetic, so this flyer tutorial from PSDTuts+ gives you just that. Remember the times when we’d cut out things from magazines and make collages that ranged from the kooky to the downright creepy? Now you can do that digitally with this post!

That’s it for now. I doubt I’ll be able to update this collection for new tutorials published after this post, but you’re more than welcome to suggest them for other readers in the comments. If you actually have Photoshop open in the other window and are taking this compilation as a guide, here’s a bonus – get some free flyer templates over at UPrinting too!