Featured Business Review: Finiv Credit Counseling – A Reliable Credit Repair Program in Dallas, Texas
  by:  |  Jul 2, 2010

Last updated on September 8th, 2017 at 06:51 pm

Finiv CreditAs the problem of bad credit has always been a major burden, Luis Valdez decided to take charge and offer a solution: a renovated credit restoration program. Initially, Mr. Valdez wanted to open a franchise of the credit repair company he worked for but the deal didn’t work out. Instead, he joined forces with consultants and processors with months of intensive research and development. Finally, he was able to achieve the perfect credit repair program, Finivcredit – one of the best credit repair programs in Dallas.

Finivcredit provides fast, reliable support and advice to individuals who need credit or financial assistance. They also work with companies who are affected by their clients’ credit situations such as mortgage brokers, loan officers, or car dealerships.

Finivcredit keeps an edge over its competitors by guaranteeing quick and permanent results and a money back guarantee. Finivcredit also certifies that it follows all the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines and uses the latest software. Clients are also offered easy access to Finivcredit’s National Credit Consultants, educational newsletters and money management education.

Finivcredit can give assistance on bankruptcy, collections, late payments, student loans, repossessions, short sales, and the like. According to Mr. Valdez, they were even able to help business owners purchase their homes. He relates, “the customers were facing the problem of having a very steady income and enough money to purchase a house but their credit was not as good as their business. They decided to join our program and after only 45 days and receiving great results, were able to qualify for the houses they were trying to purchase for the last 2 years.” Every customer results vary depending on their situation but Finivcredit will customize a program to help them achieve good credit.

One way Finivcredit makes sure that potential clients are aware of their credit repair services is by handing out brochures and business cards to existing and potential customers. Mr. Valdez says “ UPrinting has provided our company an affordable solution to all of our printing needs. After using several companies and dealing with so many issues like incorrect printing or delay in shipping, UPrinting has been an exceptional solution to all of our marketing needs.“