Featured Business Review: Amella Caramels – Living La Dolce Vita
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The best thing about Amella Caramels is the experience one gets from just a single bite …it is a totally new sensation.” Says Emir Kiamilev, a long-time UPrinting customer. Along with his wife Elena, Emir is co-founder of Amella Caramels. The company specializes in its own unique kind of cocoa butter caramels. Despite being a relative newcomer to the artisan confection business, Amella Caramels has been getting rave reviews.

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With hundreds of thousands of confectioners out there, you’d wonder what makes Amella Caramels different from all the others. Amella claims to be the “World’s first Cocoa Butter Caramels made with pure Cocoa Butter, real fruits & vegetables, and the finest chocolate.” Emir explains the hard work behind creating the caramels, “Our major challenge was to create a caramel with pure fruits and vegetables. We didn’t want to use any flavoring oils or artificial flavorings, so we had to use a lot of fruits for the taste.” Seems simple enough, until you actually tried to make them.

Continues Emir,“…the caramel would fall apart due to the amount of fruits in it. We spent a year perfecting the recipe and literally cooking batches of caramel everyday trying different methods of cooking in order to perfect the caramels texture using pure fruits.”The final product has what Emir calls a “truffle and caramel hybrid sensation” with some Ganache-like qualities- all while being Kosher and preservative-free.

The story behind Amella Caramels is almost as fascinating as the confections themselves. While the Kiamilevs have been selling their caramels for just a little over a year, they had developed their craft over several decades. Elena and Emir had come from different backgrounds. While both Emir and Elena were born in the former Soviet Union, Emir’s family moved to the United States in the late 70’s while Elena grew up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Emir developed a mind for business while Elena found her calling making cakes and other delicious confections.


They wouldn’t even have met had not Emir decided to focus on a business career that led to a chance encounter with Elena, back in the early 90s. One thing led to another, and in 2007 the pair enrolled in Ecole Chocolat’s Professional Chocolatier Program, then went off to Paris to learn the secrets of artisan chocolate making from Philippe Givre, a living legend among chocolatiers. It was only when Elena tried to deliver a new angle on her carrot cake that they went on the road that led to Amella Caramels.

Recalls Emir, “…one night when my wife, Elena, came home from a long day working at the local diner. …. That night she came home and saw me laboring away on a batch of caramels. All of a sudden she mentioned that the Carrot Cake was the single most popular dessert at her diner and that we should try to make it into a caramel. And, the Carrot Cake caramel was born along with our business”

Assorted Amella CaramelsWhile the Carrot Cake caramel still remains a bestseller, Emir and Elena’s takes on Black Forest and Passion Fruit are also on “must-try” lists all over the internet. Word of these unique confections is spreading. “People have quoted that Amellas are like little Petite Fours (traditional French desserts, often enjoyed with coffee),” says Emir “We love that people around the US have enjoyed our delicious caramels and have expressed this in their many great comments on our website.”

Spreading the happiness doesn’t all happen online. Emir and Elena have trusted UPrinting for over a year for their printing needs, (the gamut from from banners and business cards to hang-tags and envelopes) and to help get the word out on their wonderful caramels “Great quality, super price, and very reliable,” Says Emir “…we are able to print twice as much stuff so therefore we are able to stretch our marketing dollars that much further.”


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