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Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Canvas Prints, Photo Enlargements, Sticky-Back Posters
  by:  |  Jun 13, 2012

Father’s Day is almost here and the search for the perfect gift is on. Dads aren’t exactly the easiest people to buy a gift for; trust me, I know. There was this one year where I treated my dad dinner. He was happy but didn’t care for it so much. The next year I gave him a shoe polish kit (I’m a bad kid, I know) and, to my surprise, that one really blew him away. Go figure.

So what can we take from all this? Well, my dad didn’t need the dinner but he did want the shoe polish kit because he liked polishing his shoes (Why? Who knows). So I guess the lesson here is to give your old man something he wants, not something he needs.

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Even Emo Dad deserves a Father’s Day gift… like a new friend.

Of course, every man is different. And that makes it even harder to determine what your father might want for Father’s Day. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Below are some ideas you might find interesting and useful.

Photo Enlargement


Great candidate for photo enlargement.

Found an old photo of dad worth restoring? How about a lovely family picture with your father front and center? Sure, you could stick it in a picture frame but an even better option would be to blow that picture up. This could also work if dad is a photography enthusiast like most are these days.

You can enlarge that photo you found and put it up above the fireplace. It would be a lovely centerpiece. A good picture can really tie a room together. So surprise your dad with a picture he’d forgotten all about. Seeing his reaction when he looks at it would be worth it.

Canvas Prints


My father would have loved this on canvas! He’s a fan of The Dirty Dozen.

Your dad must have a favorite character; someone he looks up to (fictional or not). If not that, then he probably has a favorite movie scene or quote? If so, then why not put it on canvas? Canvas printing is affordable and a touch classier than photo enlargement.

Sticky-Back Posters

Sticky-Back Posters are usually used as point-of-sale displays but because of its adhesive qualities, they are used as home decorations as well. If you’re throwing a party, you can use these stickers to highlight the room. They can be repositioned with ease and do not leave marks on walls when removed.

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