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DreamCatchers for Abused Children To Open New PA Branch
  by:  |  Apr 30, 2012

Clinton County, PA ( –01 May 2012) On May 1, 2012, DreamCatchers, a 501© 3 that aims to bring awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect issues will open a branch/office in Clinton County Pennsylvania that will be ran by Dreamcatchers president Donna Kshir.  This is the first of many DreamCatchers for Abused Children branches/offices to come.

Dreamcatchers is a member of UPrinting’s UCommunity Program. Sandra Dawn Potter, our contact at Dreamcatchers, explains their mission “DreamCatchers is dedicated to educating the public on the signs, symptoms, statics, intervention, prevention to assist victims and survivors in locating the proper resources to help achieve and enable a full recovery.”

She continues “Last year we were able to assist  over 75,000 people. Just knowing that we are helping people and saving lives is my favorite thing working within this amazing organization!” DreamCatchers also recently concluded a candlelight vigil to raise child abuse awareness, on April 15 on Oklahoma City.

DreamCatchers has ordered pamphlets, brochures, as well as other print products from Says Donna “I love the fact UPrinting works within the community offering discounts to help non-profit organizations accomplish their goals.”

“We are very pleased with UPrinting. The materials we purchase are of very high quality, UPrinting offers fast shipping at a low and affordable price, the staff provides excellent and quick customer service. I highly recommend UPrinting to everyone!”



DreamCatchers for Abused Children
Address: P.O. Box 142 Peck, Michigan



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