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Direct Marketing Postcards Mailing – Made Easy!
  by:  |  Feb 5, 2010

Skip the hassle of contacting three different companies to design, print, and mail your direct marketing postcards. Do all that in one place at! We’ve got some videos to show you exactly how, as well as a rundown on all the options and benefits you’re getting when you entrust your postcard marketing campaign with us.

Direct Marketing Postcards

Design Options:

  • Upload your design at our website for proofing, with no upfront payment
  • Personalize one of our free design templates
  • Use our easy to use online design tool with 24-hour live chat support
  • Have one of our expert designers create a design for you, live on your screen

Printing Options:

  • Choose from 6 standard sizes, or choose your own custom size
  • Choose from glossy, matte, and natural card stock textures
  • Print in quantities from 50 to 100,000
  • We also have a 10% discount on postcards until March 15, 2010

Mailing Service Benefits:

  • Upload your mailing list, or buy one directly from us
  • We can validate addresses, remove duplicates, and merge your mailing list for free
  • Choose your target location and demographics when buying a list, then preview and add it to your project in one sitting; watch our mailing services video to learn more
  • Our in-house mailing team will sort, address, and mail your postcards fresh off the press

If you have a postcards mailing campaign in the works, get your wholesale postcard printing set up right away. Either call our toll free number at 888-888-4211 or visit today!