Direct Mail Postcard Ideas
  by:  |  Jan 8, 2015

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Postcards are one of the most versatile and effective marketing prints you could use for business purposes. However, to achieve the optimum result, you’ll have to look for the best way to get started. Here are some tips on getting an effective head start.


Keep it Simple

Unless you’re a comedian, experienced copywriter or former ad magnate, keep the puns, double meanings and other remarks off your postcard. The best strategy for a first time direct mail postcard marketer is to keep it simple. Come up with a purpose for your postcard and then state it as clearly as possible. It may sound boring, but this is probably one of the best direct mail postcard ideas.

Be Specific

Whether your intent is selling a product, promoting services, inviting people to an event, or establishing brand awareness, stick to a single idea. Postcards include an image, company details and calls-to-action, which are enough to cater to one idea. Trying to say a bit much might ruin the basic goal of your postcards.

Don’t Spend a Fortune on a Designer

If you’re testing the waters of direct mail marketing and just want to try out a few direct mail postcard ideas, don’t spend a fortune on designers. Instead, use any one of the hundreds of professional, clean and industry-specific Postcard Template designs offered by online.
Instead of spending days or weeks brainstorming your direct mail postcard ideas and then even more time toiling over the design, you can create a ready-to-mail postcard in minutes using the UDesign tool from UPrinting.

Have a Reason

How about a “Thank You for Your Business” postcard or a “Get 10% off on Your Next Visit” postcard? Maybe an “Annual Checkup Reminder” postcard or a “Check Out This House” real estate postcard? Essentially, the key is to have a purpose and a call to action. Simply introducing your business or what you do isn’t enough, you want to motivate those prospective customers to call you, see you or visit your website.

With these ideas in getting started with postcard marketing, have fun in creating your design!

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