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Customized Window Clings: Tips to Make Window Clings Stand Out
  by:  |  Aug 23, 2016

Ever tried using window clings to promote your business? Customized window clings will grab customer attention and drive business into your store. If you haven’t used versatile prints before, it’s about time you considered doing just that. But before you do, make sure you know a thing or two about window clings, or oversized custom stickers. Below are a few tips you might want to remember when making your own.

Customized Window Clings Should Be Professionally Designed

Hire a pro!

Let’s be honest: if you don’t have what it takes to design anything, then don’t. Hire a pro. Hiring outside help doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the creative process. In fact, you need to feed your designer as much info as you can and have him come up with something that best represents your vision. If money’s a bit tight, ask friends and family for help. Maybe one of them can help you create a design.

Remember, your goal here is to attract as much attention as possible. Amateurish designs have no place on your store windows.

However, if you have a basic grasp of how graphic design works, then have a crack at it. There are some sites that offer free use of their design tools. You should definitely check those out, especially if you don’t have any design software installed on your computer right now.

Think About Factors That Might Affect Your Conversions


If you’re thinking about using your customized window clings outdoors, you really have to consider where you’re going to place them. For starters, glare can dampen your window cling’s chances of sending its message across to your audience. Choose a spot that’s less prone to direct sunlight exposure.

Then, of course, you’d want to make sure that people can have an unobstructed view of your ad. Some advertisers fail to position their ads properly. That’s why customers often see only half the ad – which is not good for business.

Some business owners who have more space to spare for customized window clings go overboard with the idea and plaster their windows from ceiling to floor. Now every situation is different, but you might want to leave some room so passersby can peek into your store without getting an obstructed view.

Use the Right Colors and Transparency

Color wheel

Using full colors, as opposed to lighter shades have a better chance of standing out given the transparency of these prints. Window clings are not posters by any means and should not be treated as such. Don’t get me wrong; the concepts behind creating a strong poster and window cling designs are quite similar.

However, there are still some differences you’ll need to take note of. Choosing the right colors, for example, is crucial in designing window clings. Here’s another post we did on choosing the right color combos.

Remember: take the relative transparency of the stock into consideration, and visualize what exactly will be behind your windows.

These are just a few tips on how you can make more effective window clings.Check out these window cling options to learn more about the possibilities of the medium.