Customers Talk to Who They Like
  by:  |  Jan 17, 2008

Do customers take into account whether they “like” a brand or service in determining whether they utilize the service?  According to this article they do.  According to the author, Valeria Maltoni of Conversation Agent, people are more likely to interact with your brand with a stronger positive reputation and will be more forgiving of such a company in the event that there is a dispute or problem.    Ms. Maltoni discusses the same issue here, adding a well taken example of how a customer would view interacting with a customer service department of a company he or she likes as opposed to one with a less stellar reputation.

This goes back to the issue of personal branding of your company.    Part of making your own personal brand the brand of the company is that you can capitalize on your own strengths, including those qualities which make you as an individual someone who people would like to deal with.  The more you can project your own likability into your company and the more you can present yourself to your customers in a manner which makes them like you, the better the reputation of your company.   And the better the reputation of your company, the more people will want to deal with you.

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