Custom Postcards: Design, Applications and Printing Tips
  by:  |  Dec 12, 2017

Last updated on January 16th, 2018 at 12:26 pm

Custom postcards are an effective way to reach audiences you normally wouldn’t be able to get to. They’re popular with businesses of all sizes for their excellent return on investment. Postcards offer high conversion rates, even when taking into account their initial costs relative to email and other types of marketing. Compu-Mail compiled several recent marketing studies that demonstrate that direct mail still is far more effective than their digital and mass marketing counterparts at generating response rates and conversions.

However, you won’t find the postcards you need off the rack from a store. Generic postcards won’t be able to speak for your business in any meaningful way since they’re made for everyone.  For effective postcard promotions that match your business’s needs, you’ll need to go custom. Here are some custom postcard tips to get you started.


Design Tips for Custom Postcards

Know your audience.

Design with your audience in mind. You should first know who they are. Identify which group of people you will be targeting. From there, tailor your custom postcard according to what this group needs.

Define your intentions.

Before starting with your design, you should define your purpose for creating postcards. Do you want to reach out to someone for personal reasons, promote your business, or announce an event?

Choose relevant details.

Use images that are relevant to your message. Avoid making use of unnecessary images. Also, find a memorable photo so that your postcards will bring impact to anyone who receives it.

Use impactful images.

The use of images, patterns and other design elements on your postcards create a stronger impact for your postcards.

Pay attention to your text.

Since postcards provide very little space for design elements and text, make your message short and direct. Use simple phrases or sentences that are straight to the point.

Choose an appropriate font style.

Font size and style are significant when it comes to designing your postcards. Choose a legible font size and style; text is as important as the images on the card.

Printing Tips for Custom Postcards

Use the best image resolution you can.

Using high-resolution images is a must for photo postcards. The ideal resolution for printed images is 300 dpi. If you want to increase a photo’s resolution, you need to reduce its size and vice versa to have a good quality output.

Use postcard templates.

Using a template for your custom postcard design will allow you to accurately account for trims, bleeds, and safe zones. This means you can avoid getting your artwork and text cut off.

Use thicker stocks when possible.

Working with custom postcards gives you the liberty to choose the material, design, and size of the prints. You can use your own image and design to meet the purpose of your cards. Postcards are widely used as tourist souvenirs, business promotion tools, and as greeting cards during the holidays.

Suggested Uses for Custom Postcards

  • Product Information Cards Postcards can be used to provide information about your products and services. You can place them in racks and hand them out as card flyers in high foot traffic areas.
  • Announcement Cards Postcards are perfect graduation announcement cards and invitations.
  • Baby Shower Invitations Use baby photos and playful designs to make unique baby shower invitations.
  • Save-the-Date Cards Send out simple but sophisticated save-the-date postcards.


Custom Postcard Design Themes to Get You Started:

  • Photo Collages Put four different photos together on your card by positioning one on each corner. Put a stamp on the middle for accent. To create a modern look on your cards, try using different photo sizes. You can fill in spaces with borders and text.
  • Photo Effects Create postcards out of Instagram photos! The image filters can give an artistic feel to your cards.
  • Typography Postcards Traditional postcard designs are usually made up of photos with minimal graphics and text. But there are modern layouts now that are focused on typography — this can be used in a variety of applications like invitations and save-the-date cards.
  • Vintage White Borders Add a white border on your image for a neat, vintage style layout.
  • Minimalist Postcards You can produce simple yet stunning postcards with this style. This is ideal for businesses sending out postcards to their customers or other companies.

These are simple ideas you can work on, but there are countless ways to be creative with your postcards. Be imaginative and have fun making your custom postcard design.

Print custom postcards today.