12 Custom Pocket Folder Printing Projects
  by:  |  Oct 14, 2010

Although a pocket folder is often used in presentations, conferences, and other business events, that doesn’t mean it has to be plain and traditional all the time. As a designer, it’s a challenge for you to design a folder that is professional enough to represent a company’s brand identity and also creative enough to leave a good lasting impression on people.

Brainstorming for ideas is easy if you have different design options to look at. That’s why I’ve put together a short but sweet compilation of 12 custom pocket folder printing projects. Click on the links to see the designers’ creative portfolio and learn from their unique style techniques.

Custom Pocket Folder Printing Ideas


Designer: seventhinc
A simple and clean custom pocket folder design with the word ‘professional’ written all over it. The designer took a break from the solid black and white combo by adding a hint of orange on the folder’s front cover.

Custom Pocket Folder Printing - Adaptive ALM

Designer: Louis Morton
The designer came up with a very young, fresh, and catchy design to grab college students’ attention. Notice how the pockets were used to contain directions to the bookstore and the benefits it provides – a very smart way to maximize space.

Custom Pocket Folder Printing - Illini Union Bookstore

Designer: Anya Vedmid
A bright solid color instantly adds life to any design. This pocket folder may be simple, but the way its color blended well with the other branding materials made the design very effective.

Custom Pocket Folder Printing - Stationery and Folder

Designer: pprwrk studio
The focus of a folder design should not only be on the cover. A pocket folder should carry creativity inside and out.

Custom Pocket Folder Printing - Otis

Designer: Brian Curley
See how the designer turned this print material into a pocket folder/brochure. That’s very resourceful!

Custom Pocket Folder Printing - Port James

Designer: Alan Murphy
Playing with different font sizes helps emphasize your message.

Custom Pocket Folder Printing - 4M Media

Designer: playdesign
This custom pocket folder proved that a bright color can look so powerful and edgy too!

Custom Pocket Folder Printing - Extravega

Designer: Raja Sandhu
The light blue color used in this folder made it such a joy to look at! Design is simple, clean, and effective.

Custom Pocket Folder Printing - Transparent Logic

Designer: Paul Robson
A folder like this can be a professional’s go-to tool during client presentations and company meetings. The layout looks corporate while the color added some fun to the design.

Custom Pocket Folder Printing - Chase Office Interiors

Designer: Thompson Creative
Aside from colors and type, photos can also help make a folder design work.

Custom Pocket Folder Printing - TechHomes

Designer: Nicholas Slater
Simple, clean, and crisp are the three words that best describe this folder.

Custom Pocket Folder Printing - MGB Architecture Firm

These folders effectively represent Eau de Relax’s brand identity. You can really feel calm and relaxed just by looking at these pieces.

Custom Pocket Folder Printing - Eau de Relax

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