Custom Packaging: The Secret to a Successful Omnichannel Marketing Strategy
  by:  |  Dec 28, 2023
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custom packaging

In a time when customers can discover brands, read product reviews, and purchase merchandise simultaneously, it is important your brand experience is consistent across all channels. Using an omnichannel approach, you can create a seamless marketing experience and communicate a consistent message while interacting with customers across various channels.

Packaging is a crucial component of your omnichannel marketing plan, it is the face of your brand across all platforms: online store, physical retail, social media, traditional advertising, and shipping paraphernalia. Streamlining your brand’s look helps catch attention and increases memorability, preparing customers for future purchases.

Why Include Custom Packaging in Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy?

1. It looks great on the shelf and in the mail.

If you’ve ever been drawn to a shelf of beautifully packaged products, you understand the importance of creating an eye-catching packaging design, especially in the retail industry. Custom product packaging increases your chance of getting noticed whether it’s on a supermarket aisle, a checkout counter, or an Instagram post. For your ecommerce customers, custom product boxes or custom pouches add a layer of protection. They cushion your products against the stress endured in transit so that they arrive intact and pristine no matter how your customer made their purchase.

2. It strengthens branding.

An attractive package will catch a potential customers’ eye, while also setting expectations from your brand. Continuity across a beautiful Instagram feed, an e-commerce site filled with positive reviews, and on the store shelf, allows customers to quickly recognize you brand and limit the need to explore alternatives. When you’re able to give your customers a consistent experience through all your channels, it gets easier to foster trust and loyalty, and they’re more likely to purchase again.

3. It improves communication.

For brands with multiple product variations or product lines, it’s important to add visual differentiation. We see a lot of beauty brands that employ monochrome colors, or other stylistic variations to create a unique identity for each product. It’s also typical for food, cosmetics, and apparel brands to incorporate greens and earth colors, for product lines focused on sustainability and naturalness.

4. It’s efficient.

Another advantage of customizing your packaging is it saves money in other areas. Custom packaging often reduces your shipping expenses by limiting empty space in your boxes. This lowers both carrier costs and spending on void fill, Case packing is also easier for brands that sell product through distributors, while individual boxes can be sized to fit perfectly within the main cartons, reducing damage, and spoilage.

How does this fit into your omnichannel strategy? Nothing disappoints customers more than paying too much for shipping and receiving damaged goods or being ready to purchase and not finding your product on the shelf. Making sure your product is available where and when your customers expect it is key to ensuring your marketing spend pays off.

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How do I Integrate Custom Packaging Into Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy?

1. Design your packaging around your brand identity.

You don’t always have to start from scratch. Look at existing elements of your current design — typography, colors, and symbols — and incorporate these visual details into your packaging. Remember to communicate your values in your overall design and keep your tone in line with your brand messaging.

2. Create an unboxing experience your customers will enjoy (and want to share!).

It’s one thing to create a visually appealing box but it’s another to have it engage the other senses. When designing your custom packaging, explore various cardstocks, laminates, and special touches like embossing and foil stamping to give your boxes a pleasant tactile feature. You can easily create a QR code that directs customers to your website or social media page, encouraging them to share with just a few clicks.

3. Supplement your packaging with things that will help your customer.

Maximize your custom packaging by giving it more purpose. Print any how-to instructions, recipes, or coupons on the inside of your box that customers could save for their next purchase. You can also make your package a little more personal by allotting space for the recipient’s name, which you can fill out before shipping an order.

4. Invest in durable, high-quality materials.

Custom packaging doesn’t just make your brand appealing; it also protects your products during transit and helps maintain your goods’ structural integrity. As you design the look of your custom boxes, remember to choose durable cardstock or corrugated and pick out a thickness that’ll provide sufficient cushioning. This way, your products arrive in one piece, giving your customer a happy shopping experience.

At UPrinting, we help you make the best of your packaging solutions with the best materials and inks, excellent design options, and a meticulous printing process. Whether it’s product boxes, mailer boxes, or shipping boxes you’re looking for, we can help you achieve seamless branding through your packaging. Get started today and let your packaging take care of your shelf image.

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