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Creative Sign Ideas That Will Make You Say, “Now, Why Didn’t I Think of That?”
  by:  |  Apr 8, 2022
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Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 12:21 am

Business signs have come a long way. What we’ve come to know as simply an effective marketing tool for any trade has grown to become a canvas full of creative possibilities.

While many businesses still stick to the classics: simple design, readable text, and straightforward message, some break the norm and bring a whole new meaning to the term eye-catching.

We looked no further than the UPrinting community to give you some steal-worthy ideas for your next signage project for your home or business. Enjoy!

Let There Be (Less) Light

Instead of using blackout films or blinds, try this bright idea to dim the light coming from your windows!

Last Christmas, Adrienne Tong gifted her mom a special DIY project. Using custom window clings, Adrienne not only gave her mom’s dining area some privacy but also a functional art print to spruce up the space.

She shares, “The colors are frosted for privacy but still let the light in. The black lines are all opaque and the flowers are totally clear! A fun and technically complex project, but such a cool outcome.”



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A post shared by Adrienne Tong (@adriefairy)

Adrienne is a multi-disciplinary creative who believes that “design can change the world.”

Check out her stunning illustrations, heartwarming passion projects, and more on

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Grab Attention with Something Adoorable

Your typical signage design is sometimes not enough to lead would-be customers to your door, much less notice that it’s there. So how can you make sure that they do?

Take a hint from Angelique Shah and her eye-popping approach to door signs!

While many “tried-and-tested tips” for standout signage calls for a no-frills design and uncluttered backdrop, Angelique opted for a bold and colorful sign on a bright, pink door making her magnetic door sign uniquely her own by using some creative photo effects.

If this isn’t a head-turner, then we don’t know what is!



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A post shared by Angelique Shah (@mojoquiltsandmore)

Angelique owns and operates Mojo Quilts, a textile company “where quilting and fashion meet.” She is a US Navy Veteran who’s always had a passion for sewing, quilting, painting, and all things creative.

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Advertise on Wheels

Bring your brand wherever you go! Sounds tedious? Costly? Not with car magnets.

To cover more advertising grounds, Mobile Rooster Records touched up their ride with a car magnet featuring their logo. Now they can meet clients, make deliveries, run errands, and basically hit the road with their brand in clear view.

Plus, car magnets are so easy to install, they’re basically slap and go.


Mobile Rooster Records is an LA-based record store and mobile vinyl shop offering a curated inventory of new and used vinyl. They buy used collections of records and cassettes and deliver orders to East and West Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, and the Valley.

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