Could Your Angry Customer be Right?
  by:  |  Jan 24, 2008

There’s an interesting perspective on relating to an angry customer in this post on Seth Godin’s Blog.  The point of the post is that sometimes, the best way to deal with an angry customer is to look at the problem from the customer’s perspective.   Although you may believe that the customer is wrong, based on what you know about your business, you have to acknowledge that the customer has a different perspective than you. The customer does not have your knowledge of your business.  He doesn’t know what you did on your side to insure that his order was processed or that he got what he purchased.  All he knows is that there was something wrong from his end.    What we can take from this is that sometimes, the best way to deal with an angry customer is not to try to resolve your problem (i.e…. getting the angry customer off the phone), but to try to resolve his problem.

This relates back to the point of my previous article about customers being human and not just statistics.  If you address and engage the customer as a person and try to deal with his problems from his perspective, you have a much greater chance of resolving things to his or her satisfaction.    Looking at a customer as person and acknowledging the customer has a valid perspective, even if it conclicts with your own, is a much more effective way to resolve a problem then trying to treat a customer as a name on an invoice and bully them into accepting your proposed unilateral solution

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